Neck Fan

Has anyone used a neck fan that they really liked and could recommend? Or are they basically all the same?
We want to try them out for our trip in May to help combat the discomfort of masks in the heat a little maybe.

so, I will tell you that I didn’t like this type:

too bulky and moved around too much.

For this year I bought a square type one on a string.I haven’t tried it yet, we’ll see!

We purchase neck towels. You know the type you wet in a cool fountain and drape around your neck to cool off. They work but they are wet and only last so long.

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EasyAcc Necklace Fan, Hand Free Fan 3350mAh Rechargeable Battery Fan 3 Speed 3-17 Hours Adjustable 100° Angle Personal Fan Built-in Night Light USB Fan…

These are the best neck fans I have found. It has 3 speed settings and adjustable positions. It isn’t heavy and it works surprisingly well. It is also rechargeable.


I just ordered one. I am such an impulse shopper.


We tried them in August and then stopped using them. I think they’d be helpful without the mask, or if you can point them to somewhere not covered by a mask.

They are seriously great especially for the price.

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Oooh…my kids would like these! I like they can be handheld or on a lanyard. Might have to get a few of these :thinking:

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We do like them. We’ve tried several others that weren’t as good. We often visit Disney in the summer and fans are needed.

Agreed. We have tried many fans in the past and hated them for one reason or another but thisn one seems to hit the marks other fans have missed. For 14 bucks I am totally willing to try.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I was first looking at the kind that rests on your neck, but I’m leaning more toward the kind you can wear on a lanyard and point upward.

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I was picturing something shorter & closer to the collar.

But then again, I think they could have gone even further down: lifts, separates, ventilates!

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HA! That is definitely a great idea, especially for summer trips!!