NDR - Need UK Liner help!

Hi all, sincere apologies for the Non Disney Related post, but after seeing all of the UK free dining posts I’ve realized how many British liners there are! And everyone is so helpful here!

I’ve had the good fortune to have babies at similar times to Princess Kate and when I was expecting my son I received this Christmas ornament (?) as a gift from a friend who had recently been in London. I would really love to find one that says 2018 for my 2nd son arriving this fall. I have had absolutely zero luck with Google searching. I think maybe I am using the wrong keywords? Baby booties? Or is this not even considered a Christmas ornament?

Does anyone know where I could purchase one of these online? I assume it is now or never before wedding merchandise takes over! Thank you for any help!

The colours, stitching and lettering are very similar to those sold by Buckingham Palace but they don’t seem to be selling baby themed ornaments yet (there are a couple of wedding ones already though). Fingers crossed they will be releasing a similar one soon though http://www.royalcollectionshop.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=Decoration

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Ah, thank you! I will keep checking this. It definitely looks similar to what they have. I guess it would make more sense that they would release them after the royal baby is born.

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I’m actively refreshing the Royal Shop website this morning!!

Is this a congratulations situation for you all? Congrats on the new arrival!?

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Good luck!

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Got it!! They changed the style, but it’s pretty cute too!


Shipping to the US for the privilege of only £20!