NDR Extended Mask Use and Breakouts

I thought that someone on here might have some advice/thoughts, as those going to WDW are wearing masks for extended times right now.

DS7 is back in school and wearing a mask all day there. His cheeks where his masks rest are starting to break out. This is unusual for him, as he doesn’t usually suffer from breakouts. I mean, he’s 7, maybe he’ll have more as a teen but he’s a bit young for that yet!

If it matters, his masks are 95%-100% cotton and washed with All free and clear or (on occasion) powdered Tide. Both detergents are regularly used on his other clothes with no ill effects.

My kids tend to suffer more from dry skin than anything else. I don’t think that Aquaphor is going to help with this one, though! Anyone suffer from similar problems? Any advice?

My husband had a reaction to bath towels years ago. Turned out to be from dryer sheets. Just an idea.

This isn’t unusual. The kids call it maskne.

These might help. This is common as mentioned above



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@thekid, thanks! Those give me some options to think about.