NBA at Disney

Three hotels: Gran Destino, Grand Floridian, and Yacht Club

One of the complaints from players who are reluctant to be away from their families for months—guests are not invited until the end of August—is how they will spend their free time if they’re stuck on the Disney campus. The league says that it’s planning entertainment options, including movie screenings and DJ sets, and there will be videogames and table tennis in players-only lounges. But they expect players to practice social distancing—which means no doubles matches.

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Has anyone been following this story? The players are complaining so much about the rooms, the food etc. They get half the resorts blocked off for their exclusive use, parties with DJs and loud music all weekend (apparently every weekend), after-hours access to the parks, and more. The strangest photo I’ve seen so far is one of the ballrooms with 4 or 5 full size basketball courts inside. So weird.,World%20ballrooms%20into%20basketball%20courts.

Pool Party at the Yacht Club.

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SA posted this on chat. It is fun to watch


That’s a lotta fun

No idea who that guy is but he is far more impressed by everything than the one that tweeted about the Motel 6. It sounds like he’s a rookie, so maybe he doesn’t have that attitude yet. And also he’s at the Grand Flo vs Gran Destino (which is not shabby!!) so maybe that’s a difference.

I will watch more of those!

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Plus, this is a rookie and Rondo has been in the league for a long time. Brian from TP did point out that the CBA did require more deluxe hotels.


What is that?

Sorry, Collective Bargaining Agreement, although they most likely impacted bargained this? I just don’t think they are used to staying in rooms the size of GDT.

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What a cutie!

Watching this makes me think about last week"s DIS episode where they were joking about what college kids put up with vs what older people put up with. The older I have gotten the more difficult it is to be away from my family for long times and just roll with experiences. For some of these players, it has to be the same way. The rookie is having a new adventure, the veteran is losing the anchor of their home and family and routines.

I actually find myself being more sympathetic than I was 2 days ago because I stopped and thought about the experience from their perspective.

That said, I love this rookie. And let’s get the WNBA some decent accommodations!


It’s on the other NBA thread

On the one hand, I can absolute relate here. My standards have changed as I have aged, become a wife, mother, etc… But there is still no excuse for vulgar gestures. It’s fine to be disappointed or frustrated, and to even express those feelings, but it can be done in a constructive manner…something else I’ve learned as I’ve aged!!

I 100% agree. There is skepticism and getting used to things - this can seem whiney when others would love to be in your position - but I totally understand (like when I end up at a hotel for work that is less than perfect). Then there is his posting, which makes me seriously dislike him.


One of our Dallas Morning News reporters is one of a group of 10 from around the country being admitted into the NBA bubble. This article details his arrival at CSR. Interesting read.

I’m thinking this requires a subscription but I’ll link it just in case…


Thanks. I couldn’t find the other thread when I searched.

I get that living in a hotel room for a few months is a bummer, but people do it all the time for work, and they do it for a whole lot less money. I get that they’re unhappy about leaving their families and being at risk, but members of the military do it, and they get paid a whole lot less.

It’s just not a good look to complain so much about it.


I don’t know why I love his videos so much


Ok that was fun.

But there’s no way they are being aggressive enough with that swab.

I have liked both of his videos that you posted

As a Celtic’s fan it is really against the rules to like anything about the 76ers, but I really enjoy his videos and I will follow him.:wink: