Navigating the Parks with a broken ankle

We are set to go to Disney the first week of October. I’ve spent all my time worrying about the pandemic, but now I have a broken ankle. Ugh! Any advice for navigating the parks? I have a knee scooter, but it’s not great on surfaces that aren’t smooth. I’m hoping that by October I’ll be allowed to at least put some weight on it, but as of now I am non-weight bearing. Will I even be able to ride any rides?

I went to WDW with a broken humerus, at 3 months. I was amazed at the difficulty in riding rides, cuz arm, and non dominant at that. Tho, after 30+ years living with arthritis, general mobility is a bit of an issue as well.

I’d go again at 3 months post injury, hopefully recalling early that exiting some rides was expedited by utilizing 2 family members - a puller and a pusher. :grin: Obviously, I’m aiming not to break any more bones.

I did avoid any rides with the moving walkway - HM, Buzz, SE. Just too much going on there for comfort.

This is to say, I didn’t realize how much I used my arms to exit even something like Pirates.

I think assessing your ability closer to your trip is key. If you can transfer - bear some weight - you can probably ride a lot. Rides can be momentarily stopped to provide extra transfer time. The knee scooter will be a life saver, I’m thinking, between rides.

I honestly think you will be exhausted trying to get around with a knee scooter. I’d be thinking about renting an ECV.

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Back in 2018 I took 3 trips with a broken ankle. The knee scooter was a life saver but Disney concrete is anything but smooth, especially AK. It was actually very easy to get around with it, faster than walking with 2 good ankles.

I was able to put weight on mine enough to transfer on to rides and most importantly I could easily lift it onto a bus so I didn’t have to go through the whole ramp thing. I was also ble to gate check it on the plane. This is the one I got, not my picture, I had to wear a boot. It was a little pricey but worth every penny.

Should also mention the tires have air and have no trouble getting over rough surfaces.

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