Na'vi River RD/EMH?

We aren’t interested in FOP, but we want to take the kids on Na’vi River and were figuring going right when EMH start and then head to KS with our FPP. Our TP has us doing this, but I wonder if the line is going to be a pain b/c of the line going into Pandora for everyone trying to ride FOP. Will we get stuck in that or is it organized to where we can bypass the FOP congestion?

I was wondering this also. How early do I have to get there pre-RD for EMH to ride Na’vi?

I am interested in this as well. I didn’t realize that there was a line to get into Pandora. Is the entrance to the land small?
Do you have to queue up just to get into the land?

If there at RD there’s no shortcut to NRJ around the FoP crowd, but when you do reach Pandora, the mass of people will go right to FoP and you can split off for NRJ.

People still report that the NRJ wait time doesn’t build too quickly, but it does steadily climb as the EMH time goes on, if my experience back in August is any indication. When we got off our RD FoP ride, NRJ was high enough where we bailed and went to the rest of the park - but it was our first AK visit ever and we figured everything is new, why wait a long time for this one ride that people say is just “Ok”?

I suppose you have a couple of options:

  1. Get there an hour or so before RD as everyone looking to ride FoP first is and just live with the hoard of people. Then you’ll likely have a very short NRJ wait and be ahead of the game for the rest of the park.

  2. You could try to time it so the RD hoard is already in and made their trek to Pandora, then perhaps you can have a less congested walk in and have a slightly higher NRJ wait.

Personally, I’d bet that it would be hard to time option 2 correctly - the people just keep on coming for FoP since far from everyone is successful at getting there early for RD. I’d just shoot for option 1 myself.

Even though our FoP ride during EMH took longer than expected (we stepped out of FoP at 9:05AM), When we headed over to EE and then KS the park was still nice and empty.

Also, while it really is a LOT of people going into Pandora at RD, the walk itself was really was not terrible, just had to have the mindset knowing you are going to have a slow stop and go march. I just suggest avoiding the center of the crowd and staying to the sides of the path, as those seem to move more quickly, especially at turns.


You can bypass FOP once you’re in Pandora, but to that point you’ll be with the crowd.

You will queue to get through security checks and then also queue to get in the park and then also queue to be allowed to head into pandoras world

However once into pandoras world you won’t have much of a queue at all at the navi river ride and FOP queues won’t get in your way there

I would arrive 30 mins before ropedrop in your situation

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I’ve been questioning my FoP FP+. I have a 4:00p FP+ for FoP on a CL6 day. I chose a late FP+ hoping to avoid the masses heading to Pandora at the beginning of the day. But then I read here in the forums that even with a FP+ you are looking at an hour wait. I asked for clarification, but didn’t get an answer. Is this correct? I know the TPs are not figuring correctly, but it only shows a 17 minute wait. If it is going to be an hour wait with the FP+ I am going to have to pass on it. No one in my party (except me!) will agree to wait that long.

Our FPP wait for FoP on July 31 at 1:30PM was about 10 minutes, then right into pre-show. Took longer to walk up and into FPP queue.

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Just did Na’vi River this am with EMH. I was at park at a little before 8 due to MNSSHP the night before. There was no real wait.


Hmm maybe we’ll do it as a wit and see. We are planning on being there for start of EMH but not earlier. Trying to minimize waits with my little ones. Waiting for opening is same as waiting online later and we want to get two things done before Rope Drop according to our TP before our KS FPP.
I wonder how long it takes for the crowd to balance out to get into Pandora like you said in #2 but definitely tricky…

Just did NRJ at EMH Rope Drop last week. We were at AK and through security by 7:30. We booked it over to Pandora to find that the land was already open and people were already queuing up for both NRJ and FOP. Although Pandora opened prior to the 8am EMH we were still able to walk on NRJ. Since Pandora was already open there was no fighting the FOP crowd. Not sure if this is standard practice or not, but that was our very recent experience.