Navi River or Rivers of Light

On one of my Animal Kingdom days, we plan to be there at opening. We won’t ride FOP that day because we have fast passes on another day. We will be staying through lunch and then taking a break outside of the park. We have a Boma reservation at 6:30 and then want to go back to AK for Rivers of Light. I can get a Navi River fast pass for that day or a Rivers of Light fast pass. I am almost thinking that it would be smarter to get the ROL fast pass, especially since we will be eating at Boma before and just try to do Navi River at opening. Thoughts?

That makes sense to me. We have done NRJ at park opening without any wait.

I actually think you should get there before opening, ride FoP and then Navi. I think you will enjoy FoP and want to do it twice.

I think NRJ is underrated. I rode it twice this year — both times at the end of the day with about a half-hour wait.

When we got there right at opening we went straight to Navi (had a FP for FoP later) and the line was less than 25min and moved very quick.

That sounds like a good plan to try to get there early enough to ride FOP at opening. I hate waiting in line but have been to AK twice since FOP opened and have never ridden yet. Gotta make it happen this time!

Do you all think that ROL is a good use of a fast pass? We definitely want to see it and I’m afraid that with our dinner reservation at Boma at 6:30, we might feel rushed to get there without a fast pass. The show is at 8:30.

I think you will get mixed responses about RoL I think it is beautiful and if you have a plan to do FoP more than once it is a good FP.

Just did NRL first time a week ago and recommend only doing it with a FP or a very, very, very short line up. My whole family felt it wasn’t worth a wait in a line up for it. The pixie dust just wasn’t working for us on that one!

Am I right in thinking that I can get a FPP for FOP and ROL? Only FOP and Navi are tier 1?

I think FoP, Navi and RoL are all tier 1?

I can’t find anything on the Disney site, but I’ve looked it up elsewhere and ROL is listed as tier 2.

Yes! You are right:

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