Na'vi River Journey

I got FPP for FOP. Wouhou! Now I am wondering: is it worth going stanby for NRJ?

We are going to Animal Kingdom on a morning with Early Magic Morning. According to my Touring plan, we could do Dinosaur, Primeval Whirl, NRJ at 8:41am and wait 4minutes for it, then have free time and ride FOP with our FPP at 9:25am. Does that sound crazy to anybody? Should we just do Dinosaur, Primeval Whirl, Expedition Everest and then FOP and skip on NRJ. I think my group might all enjoy NRJ, but I really don’t want to wait that long.

Definitely hit Navi first.

The line for NRJ builds very fast!

That is what I keep hearing, but the touring plans keep saying 4 minutes wait… I am confused.

Do not, I repeat , DO NOT trust the touring plan on anything having to do with Pandora. They do not have enough data for it to be accurate! I arrive at 7:25 for a 9:00 opening. I was loading FoP at 9:00 and in line for NRJ by 9:20. It was a 75 minute wait (I timed it using the touring plan timer).


I think Navi River is a ride to do to tick off the list but having done it I personally would ONLY do it now if there was virtually no queue to face

I wouldn’t waste a fastpass on it either as if I could visit Pandora for two days with a pandora ride fast pass I would do FOP twice

Navi is a beautiful slow river ride. Similar to small world (but with the letest technology and visuals of course) and similar to pirates of carribean type ride

I rate the following rides ahead of it at AK

Kili Safari
Dinosaur (when it’s working)

Compared to other parks rides I don’t think it’s as good as pirates, haunted mansion, Peter pan even. It’s just ok with a few good effects and great visuals. But it’s not a real enjoyable ride IMO and unlike FOP maybe you really need to be into avatar the film to get the most from this ride. It’s nowhere near the impact on you of rides like HP at Universal or spiderman etc as what you see you don’t really relate to unless maybe you are an avatar buff

I do think you should try and do it but only if you aren’t queuing for more than 45 mins ish like we were as the queue is boring

And any fastpasses for pandora need to be used for FOP once or twice IMO

If there was a big queue for it when I was due to go on I would instead go to queue for FOP again instead

Don’t waste more than 45 mins queuing for it

We would only do small world at disney because there’s no queues - similar with Peter pan etc

I don’t think anyone comes off the ride thinking “I really want to go and queue and do that again”

Whereas FOP everyone wants to do it again

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It’s a catch 22 as even if you get on Navi at ropedrop with minimal queue then fastpass FOP the other rides you could have done with next to no queues in the other side of the park will inevitably then have queues

I probably agree with the above though and suggest ropedrop navi then do FOP fastpass with your timeslot then head to the other great rides on you list

You will certainly be able to do all your rides that way in a day

But you will want to do FOP again

We went to AK twice without a fastpass for FOP and queued twice to do it

Once at ropedrop and once in the evening after a meal at tiffins when as onsite Hotel guests we had extra late hours or whatever it’s called

The late evening queue was horrible - not as long but so slow.

The early hours ropedrop FOP queue was the longest ive ever seen in any theme park for anything but was actually a queue that moved reasonably fast

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You are lucky. I have a Navi FPP but at this point…I would pay money for a FPP for FOP.

I literally checked the website everyday for more than a month before I found them… Good luck to you

Thanks…I have been checking 3 times a day, but have a party of 7…we will see. We would prefer FOP over Navi.

It might be worth to check for a party of 4, then a paety of 3 with overlapping windows.

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