Na'vi question


So yesterday was my FP+ 60 day mark and I was able to score FP+ for FoP for both my days at AK. I am now working on my TPs and however I play with it, it’s looking like approximately an hour waiting for Na’vi River Journey.

My question: in your opinion and experience, is this a one-time ride or is it so awesome that I should include it in my TPs for both days ?

Thanks !


Of course you may feel differently but for me it would be one time, and not every trip.


Thanks I like that !!! Would save an hour for other stuff !!! :slight_smile:


Totally agree!!! FoP yes both days for sure!!! Navi is beautiful but not worth an hour each day… at least that’s my opinion.


Thanks ! :slight_smile:


I would ride at least once. I thought it was lovely. We rode at rope drop and it was a walk on.




not worth an hour wait imo. and I would always take an FOP FP over it. But if you can find a time in your TP to do it with just a 20-30 min wait, that’s okay. Everyone is different, but I felt like our 70 minute wait for NRJ was our biggest fail of our trip. I did a ton of homework, but was disappointed after waiting that long for it. That, plus the stress of cutting it close for our FOP FP right after. I just figured if the line was usually that long, it had to be worth it.


This is very helpful guys, the unanimity makes me confident in dropping it. I will keep 2 plans for my 2nd day and make my own decision after trying it but I was under the impression that it was a must for both days so yes, very very helpful. Thanks ! :slight_smile:


I was very disappointed in it with all the hype it was getting. The ride was short and not that thrilling except for the end. It really needs to be longer and have more navi in it. It is well worth doing but not multiple times. Try at closing wait time should be lower and Pandora should be really seen at night.


It was better than I expected but we only rode it once. I would have liked to have ridden again, but never caught a short enough line. 20 minutes or less I think it’s definitely worth an extra ride, but YMMV…


I did a timed 75 minute wait one day. I got into line at 9:18 right after FoP. My dad is 83 and asked me to try it to see if he could do it.


We were there a couple of weeks ago and I actually snagged a FP for it after I used my initial three. It is beautiful but not more than a 20 min wait as others have said


If you arrive just a few minutes (10-15 min) before rope drop, you can get right on Navi with little to no wait. I wouldn’t wait long for it.


Oh I totally agree with that. Not worth 69 or 70 minute wait. I felt like my biggest fail was a thirty minute wait for Splash mountain which I know most would have thought was fine. But this was at the rope drop of Frontierland but on an emh day. I think all who had done their other must dos during emh all rushed to Splash. Very frustrating when I expected a walk on. It with each of these experiences, you learn! :slightly_smiling_face: