Na'vi FP or FOP with 8am ADR

We have ADR for Tusker House at 8:00am the day we are going to be at Animal Kingdom. Park hours start at 9:00. Is it feasible to eat breakfast, get onto Na’vi without a FP sometime between 9 and 10, and then (if the planets align) get a FP for FOP in the 10:00 hour?? Then get a FP for Kil Safari in the 11:00 hour?

If you can get a FOP FPP for 9:00/10:00, then you should definitely have no problem walking onto NRJ. NRJ is still only about a 20-30min wait after RD after riding it once before the park opens. And we had a similar plan when we went in February, without the ADR at Tusker, we had FPP for FOP at 9:30, and KS at 10:50ish. So we were able to get NRJ, FOP and KS done before 11:30.