Na'vi before FOP?

Last summer, we did rope drop for FOP. This year, when I optimize the touring plan, it says do Na’vi first then FOP second. I don’t have fastpass for either on that day. This seems counter-intuitive, so I’m wondering if I should follow the plan or not.

If you’re going to be at the front of the RD pack, ride FOP first. But if not, I’ve heard once you’ve ridden Na’vi the initial rush on FOP is over and the line is slightly shorter. No experience either way, it’s just what I’ve read here or on chat.

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FOP first. Na’vi isn’t worth the sacrifice in my opinion.

I kept waiting for something to happen, and then it was time to get out of the boat. It’s oddly minimalist considering what they were able to pull off with FOP.


That was my experience too! It was totally lacking in Disney story telling and not worth the 45 minutes I waited for it.