Navi at Rope Drop?

On our last trip, my family split FPP for Pandora and I had to miss Navi. I really do not want to miss it this trip but I also do not think it’s worth a long wait. Of course, I want to do FOP as well so I am trying to plan the easiest way to do both.

I plan to get FOP FPP for myself and DS. DH, DS2, & DD will have a Navi FP. We can’t do a ride swap because DH gets motion sick and doesn’t want to attempt FOP.

So, my question is how long can I expect to wait if I try to get on Navi at rope drop? My current touring plan has us coming back to Pandora at the end of our day so I’m trying to decide if it’s worth going out of the way. (As a family with young children we like to avoid extra walking)

At rope drop it will be a very short wait, 10 mins max.


If you’re at Navi before 915 (it starts running around 845), you should have almost no wait.


We’ve rope dropped it twice and it was a walk on both times.

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I rope dropped Navi on Tuesday (CL10), walked right on and was back out front by 8:50.

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Sounds like it’s doable. Thanks everyone!

In the past I have just avoided Pandora at rope drop assuming that’s where everyone was going. Now, fingers crossed, I get a good FOP FP!

We have FPP for two different days for FOP so planning to RD Nav’i on one of our AK days. I’m wondering how late before park opening you can arrive at the parks to get through security/taps and make it to NRJ by 9 or so if there is minimal wait until then. Can we arrive at security at 830? 845? Or will the crowds be big at the taps, delaying our entry by a long time. If it matters, the CL predicted is 6/7 depending on which day we try.

In December, I could only get a FP for Navi. We rode Navi at RD (without fp), and then at 11:01, we modified our Navi and got FoP. We were also able to get another FoP same day at 3:01. This might be one option if you can’t get FoP fastpass.

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