Nassau excursions

Any excursion suggestions for Nassau? It will be me, DH, DS8 and DD6. Thanks!

We did the Ardasta Gardens zoo excursion. Myself, DH, DD7, DS4, my parents and my two aunts. It was ok. The flamingo show was fun. The zoo itself is small but cute. The keepers take a lot of pride in it. There was a short city bus tour which was ok. It was our first time in Nassau and I wanted to do something organized but not Atlantis or dolphins. I know we could have gone to the zoo on our own in a cab for less money but I liked the relatively controlled Disney excursion. Would we do it again? Probably not. What else would I choose to do? Maybe a dolphin experience when my kids are older but don’t know if it would be worth the expense. I may choose to stay on the ship if we are there again. I don’t think I would have been happy staying on the ship our first time there. Overall, I think I would recommend it for families with young kids who want to get off the ship for a while but not do a beach day, dolphins or Atlantis.

We did our first Disney Cruise in the summer - where underwhelmed by the options in Nassau - DW doesn’t like water parks and we had done Discovery Cove in orlando. In the end, our DDS (15,13,13) wanted to stay on the ship in the kids club and me/DW left the ship and did a self guided walking tour around the town. We then enjoyed some time on the ship (as we had not has much time to explore the day before when we left port)

We did the chocolate tour thing.