Narrowing Down My Eats

Have 11 touring days, so here’s what I’ve got written out for food choices.

Disney Springs: Homecoming’, Blaze
MK: Crystal Palace, BOG, Liberty Tree, CRT Breakfast
AK: Flame Tree BBQ, Tusker House, Tiffin’s
HS: Sci Fi, 50s,
Epcot: Coral Reef, Le Cellier, Via Napoli, La Cantina for Illuminations table
Contemporary: CM, CG

The only thing I’m waffling on is whether Hoop Dee Do is worth the transportation hassle, and how worth it the Fantasmic package is to Pick a different HS place. Kids and I will really like the theming at 50s and Sci Fi

Also, I mostly intentionally excluded the resort dining because I don’t want to travel around too much. Anyone notice any glaring omissions here?

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes regarding food and dining experiences. Only about 5 or 6 of your choices would ever show up on my ADR list…

Makes sense. Knowing my kids and myself, since this is our only trip to Disney World for their whole childhood, I care much more about theming. So things like character meals and the schtick of a place like 50s Prime Time are unique experiences that I can’t replicate anywhere else. There are any number of places here in Milwaukee that we can go that have great food and good ambience, so for a trip to Disney World, unique is what I’m after. As long as the food is passable, I’m willing to sacrifice some food quality to get experience

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Looks like a pretty comprehensive list. You might consider Garden Grill instead of Coral Reef for a more ‘Disney’ feel. I assume you’re staying at Contemporary, since that’s the only resort you included? If so O’Hana and 1900 Park Faire might not be too tough to get to. I’ve never done HDDR, but if experience/Schtick is what you’re after it seems like it would be worth the trip out there.

I remember HDDR from my first trip as a teen. IT will be easier to get to from MK. Take boat there and back to Transportation area. If you are lucky, you will see the electric water pageant if the timing is good.

I would do Hoop De Doo. If you’re doing 11 days in the parks, one little side trip won’t hurt. It’s worth doing especially if you’re only planning one trip to WDW. I’d take some extra time and visit the ranch.
We did the Fantasmic Dining Package 5-7 years ago. We really liked the Brown Derby.

On that basis I would drop Liberty Tree Tavern - It is sort of “themed”, but not really so much so to justify going there on that basis. For fun/schtick, consider going to Whispering Canyon Cafe - although you want to avoid side trips TP resorts, it is very easy to get to from MK via the shuttle boats.

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Actually, at POFQ, not Contemporary. I included those because they’re walkable without waiting for a bus, and (corny as it sounds), I want to do a full circuit of monorail rides just for the experience even though there’s no practical need. I’ll give Ohana and 1900 another glance. Definite no on V&A’s though. No way I’m spending that much for myself and three unrefined palates, lol. I’ll save that for if I ever go back with a significant other :slight_smile:

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I second the advice to consider Garden Grill. Breakfast at Garden Grill is a must-do for us this trip. My kids love Chip & Dale, and my husband loves Living with the Land.

On F! packages, we’re only planning one touring day for HS. But we’ll want to see both F! and JBJB (it’ll be early December). But with only one F! show those nights, I’m thinking to see both those shows will require separate trips. If I’m right, I think we’ll go back to HS one night strictly for F!

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You basically just described Chef Mickey’s.
Walk there from MK. Monorail back.
IMO, it’s a glaring omission.

It would be, yes. But it’s on my original list :slight_smile:

Ah yes, you’re right- much easier to get to CR than any other resort!

Crystal Palace isn’t something that I would recommend unless you really love Winnie the Pooh characters. I feel like the cost to quality ratio is somewhat lacking.

I really liked HDDR and would recommend it. As for the F! package, if you decide to change than I would pick Hollywood Brown Derby or Mama Melrose. Hollywood & Vine really does not have good food and is not cheap. I’m torn on whether I would change, though. The seating for F! is great and keeps you from waiting in a long line but I love the atmosphere at 50’s. Perhaps choose 50’s or Sci-fi for one day and then a place with the F! package for the second day?

I’m also going to throw out "Ohana as a suggestion. It is one of our favorite locations at WDW. Plus if you are staying at a MK resort it is only a short monorail ride away.

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I like your list. Sounds good. I would add Raglan Road at Disney Springs during showtimes (I believe they start at 3). When we return we plan on going more than once.

I love Crystal Palace!!! It’s one of our favorite places. And Tiffins is excellent as well!

If your lot is into princesses, Akershus is good. We did two breakfasts there the last time we were in the world.

I know that some people really loved Via Napoli, but we were not impressed.

'Ohana was delicious, so that could be a good choice. No characters for dinner, though.

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I agree with others that you really should do HDDR!! I loved it as a kid and as an adult. I can’t wait to take my DS2 when he gets a little older. It honestly isn’t as much of a hassle as it seems, especially like as others have said, you have quite a few days.

Another one I would throw out there that is fantastic on the theming is Biergarten! It is always a can’t-miss for us. I know you say you are from Milwaukee, so you probably get lots of good German food, but this has a show too! Maybe replace it with Le Cellier?

Wow, some amazing dining ahead of you!! I don’t know the ages of your children (sorry if I missed that info!), but here are my thoughts. If atmosphere and experience are what you are after, in Epcot, I would try someplace like The Biergarten or Akershus in WS, or Garden Grill (cool rotating restaurant and great character interaction!) Le Cellier has great food, but not the “experience” my family goes for. (We can get a great steak at home.) I agree with brklinck about Liberty Tree Tavern. I think Jenboston has the right idea about heading to 1900 Park Faire at the GF, or 'Ohana at the Poly. The bonus is that they are both on the monorail loop! Again, this is only my two cents, but you know your family and whatever you pick will be awesome!

There’s also a new character breakfast experience at the BOARDWALK - the Bon Voyage Adventure breakfast. I finally got it, thanks to TOURING PLANS RESERVATION FINDER and hovering over my text messages waiting for the head-up - yay!

Italian food isn’t for everyone for breakfast… lol. But Prince Eric, Ariel, Rapunzel, and Flynn will be there… I’m in!

There is also this maybe while you are at HS

I prefer Cosmic Rays for fun Disney atmosphere in a CS at MK, good food for your money, too.

I personally do not like Flame Tree BBQ, but that’s because I’m from Memphis and my DH is an amazing BBQ chef, so, I’m a little partial - We do LOVE Yak & Yeti, though.

I love the breakfast buffet at 1900 Park Fare - you didnt mention the ages of your kids, but I’m assuming they are not too terribly young. The characters there are awesome: Mary Poppins, the Mad Hatter, Tigger - and are great with older kids. Really a hoot and an amazing breakfast buffet.

I’m not sure when you are going, but just to add some extra Disney magic, if you go to Hoop Dee Doo, which is great fun, take the time to also go to the campfire in the woods at the campsites at WL - Chip and Dale’s

It’s so much fun, for all ages, and you can bring or they sell smores makings for roasting marshmallows - then show an old Disney movie. But even if you dont stay for the movie - the campfire is a great memory - Did I mention it is FREE?