Narcosses vs Jiko

Is there anyone that would recommend Narcosses over Jiko for adventurous eaters? Wife’s trying to get me to switch and I have never heard too many great things about Narcosses, so I’m just trying to see if anyone can make a decent argument. We’ve never been to either.

I haven’t been to either but @bswan26 would be a good one to answer it. I will say that I’ve seen plenty of rave reviews for both so i’m not sure you could go wrong either way. One is more seafood oriented but both have plenty of fans.

I saw your post yesterday but since I have only eaten at Jiko I stayed away and just came back to see if anyone could possibly argue that Narcosses I better than Jiko. I agree, if anyone could help it would be @bswan26.

I have not eaten at Narcosses. It is funny, after everything I have read I am a little nervous about scheduling it. Have you eaten at a Jiko? I have been visiting the signatures over the last year. Yachtsman and Flying Fish are on my list for my next trip. I am returning to Jiko as well. Jiko is the restaurant that I bite into food and I have repeatedly said, “wow, that flavor combination is amazing”. I never expected when I first scheduled Jiko that it would become my “must do”.

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I feel the same way about California Grill. It’s such an indulgence for us with those prices but everything we ate there was amazing and I can’t imagine not going back every trip.

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We’re doing V&A, Yachtsman and Cali Grill dinners this trip too. We decided to do a Platinum package as one last bash before we have kids.


Well then I really don’t think you can go wrong with your choice. There is so much good food to be had. I wholeheartedly recommend the pork two ways at CG and the bell and Evans chicken is also very good.

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