Narcossees, jiko or ohana

Here’s my problem. I’m trying to fit in 2 out of the 3 of these restaurants. For now I booked them all and need to know which to cancel . I’ve never been to ohana or jiko but hear good reviews . Been to narcossees but the menu ( surf/turf) that we loved has been changed since last visit and would now cost us more. We have young kids too so they may like ohana if they have some kid offerings . Any ideas??? Thanks

With littles, I would say 'Ohana for sure. They have shenanigans for the littles.


Jiko is hands down the best of the 3, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it with young kids, unless they’re used to fancy quiet meals.

That’s what I was afraid of with jiko. I wanted to really try it with my husband since it gets such good reviews. I really don’t want to do the kids club thing for them either .

I agree that 'Ohana is a great choice but Jiko is my favorite restaurant anywhere! I have been to Jiko many, many times (ok- maybe too many? Nope- not enough times). Often I go at 7:00, 8:00 or 9:00 and it is very adult. In April 2016 I went at 5:00. Almost every single table had at least one child at it. It was a overly meal I will never, ever forget. It is Disney. Children are welcome just about everywhere. Enjoy!

That’s good to know about Jiko being less adult earlier in the evening. The food sounds so good and DD is well behaved but I don’t want to take her anywhere that’s an unspoken adult only environment.

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The early evening idea might be good for me too. Especially since we r staying at AK lodge

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My kids love Jiko. (6, 11) I think its the perfect opportunity to introduce your kids to a fancy restaurant…it’s Disney! I agree Jiko is by far the best of the 3. Personally I think its the best on property.

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Have done all three, and would only repeat Ohana and Jiko…but for different reasons. For DS3, Ohana was just a little too much for him (he was 2, the reservation was a little late after a long day…just not his fav)p, but the food is pretty tasty (and with a Lapu Lapu…yes please). Haven’t taken DS3 to Jiko, but DH and I have been many times and LOVE IT. Wouldn’t hesitate to take DS3 earlier in the evening. A wonderful experience you shouldn’t miss.

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