Narcoossee's vs. Flying FIsh

So for my split stay in Oct (4 nights AoA Cars Suite and then 4 nights BC) so far I have dinner at 'Ohana, Sanaa,La Hacienda, and CG. I am thinking of adding another nice dinner and want to try something new. I have not been to Flying Fish or Nacoossee’s. I never hear anyone talk about Narcoosee’s but it looks great from the TripAdvisor reviews and sounds like you can even see Wishes. Any experiences? Opinions? Thanks!! Oh and I know both places are 2 credits and that is fine (if you LOVE it).

We’ve been to both & I’d give a slight nod to FF, tho both are great.
I prefer the food at FF & the boardwalk atmosphere is great fun. The service at FF was friendly & professional.
Narcoossee’s is also very nice, but very crowded & can get quite noisy. Their food is good, but not the same high quality as FF (IMHO). The great big draw here is the ability to see Wishes. However, be aware that even if you score a window table, people may go out on the patio during the show & stand right in front of you, blocking your view. You can also just go outside too, in that case… If you plan on enjoying the show, plan on an ADR anywhere from 1 - 1.5 hours before the fireworks are due to start. We’ve had excellent and just so-so service here.
I don’t think you can really go wrong with either one.
Bon Appetite!


Ate at both, preferred Narcossee’s

Gretchen is spot on. One other plus with FF is if you’re a foodie like me and my bride, there are seats to watch the chefs prepare dinner.

And Craig at FF is one of the best bartenders on property.

I have not tried Narcoosee’s, but I do love FF. Narcoosee’s and/or Citrico’s will be for my next longer trip. I don’t think that you can go wrong.

Thanks, everyone! FF would be easier since we will be at BC that night. :slight_smile: