Narcoossee's questions

Hey everyone, I just put in a reservation finder request for a night in May at Narcoossee’s at 8 pm. Right now I have a rez for 8:25 pm. Fireworks are supposed to be at 9 pm. If I end up keeping the 8:25 slot will that a good time to be getting to dinner for the fireworks, or should I look for something earlier? There are EMH hours from 9-11 pm that night and I’m hoping to still be able to jump over to MK after dinner, get on 1 or 2 last rides and then, perhaps, see a kiss goodnight. Thanks for any advice with this.

Also, we are planning to be at MK pretty much from open to close (with exception of dinner), will it be okay to eat in nice shorts and sleeveless top? Should I plan on starting a bit dressier for the entire day? Thank you.

As with any restaurant, getting a table by the window is not guaranteed. But Narcoossee’s has a very nice deck with the music piped in that you can go out onto to watch if you can’t see them from your table. My typical time at a signature dinner is pushing 2 hours. If I had an 8:25 ADR, I’d have a drink and app, and then ask them to hold the entree until after Wishes. But I also never plan to return to a park after a signature dinner. Worst case is you don’t get a window and have to get up in the middle of your entree to watch.

As for dress, as a guy, if I know I am going directly to a signature meal from a park I will wear khakis (winter) or “dress” shorts (summer) and a polo shirt for the entire day - which is what I did going to Narc’s straight from MK. As we usually dine fairly late, for all of the others I plan a stop back at the room before going for dinner.

Thank you. It looks like I will be changing the reservation finder to 7 pm. Try to end the experience with the fireworks. I really appreciate your help!