Narcoosee's and Fireworks

I’ve never been to Narcoosee’s but I hear that it’s a great place to view MK Fireworks.
Now, is that only a small section of the seating that provides a good view?
Would you have to request it or be very very lucky?

I had a window seat (without asking) but most guests go outside during the fireworks. Even if you are by the window there are guests standing right on the other side so the outside is a better view. It is not my favorite restaurant fireworks view, but it is a nice experience.

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Thanks, so what would be your favorite restaurant fireworks view-wise?

I prefer California Grill.


This was the view before sunset from our table

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Looks very nice. DW will like the “dining on the water” aspect so we’re leaning towards this v. CG (which I did 20 years ago and was blown away by it).

We actually had a great window seat with no guests choosing to go outside in front of us at Narcoosie’s but my DD4 and I ended up walking down to the ferry area to watch. It was more fun there for us. Great views and felt more in the action. I have always preferred CG for these but Ohana and Narcoosie’s are good areas as well to watch the Fireworks. Narcoosie’s arguable feels the neatest since it is on the water.

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