Name changes

Hi folks. Recovering from 24 hours of travel with DH and kids – back home now after a month in Germany at my inlaws. And trying to catch up!
So I see lots of name changes – darthdopey, singamajig keli, etc. What’s up? I had probs early on with my dash. Should I change it in profile?

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Daybreaker said dash was a prob a few days ago. He manually updated me for one day, so I was leader, but now that is gone…

No one is a Leader anymore.

Ok, but that doesn’t mean we are all followers? Ba dump ching jet lag humor.
Any big reason for all the name changes I missed? Or nada?
Seriously been missing you guys. :slight_smile:

That was linked to Trust Level 3, which gave users more editing power than we were comfortable with. People changed their names to make it easier for other users to @ tag them in posts.

Mine was merely for ease of tagging as well. I changed mine on my own. @B_squared

Thanks for catching me up! :smile:
So since @laurel says no one is “leader” anymore, does that mean that the leader title is something you typed in yourself? Like @luv’s Packing Matron?

Seems I actually may have earned that leader badge by doing something leaderish. Lol. It’s there. I’m not complaining. I’m a badge hoarder


I love it!!! :slight_smile:

I changed mine because MouseDeprivedUntil1995 didn’t fit in my profile. Plus everyone calls me MDU anyway and it’s easier to tag with shorter names

I’m not sure how the packing matron showed up. It’s not a badge for me. I had it in my"long name" in my profile, but that didn’t seem to appear anywhere. Then, poof! It showed up in my titlle! I suspect moderator magic…


@luvmuppets, moderator smart arses is more like it.


Ha Ha Master Beta Tester …

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I’m liking the shorter names. It’s so much easier to tag people. @Okie is a perfect example! I should probably take the hyphen out of my name, and maybe even the extra P. Then nobody would know that my last name is Epp, which would be good for the unsubscribed riff-raff, but the clever (IMHO) wordplay would be lost. Hmm…I’ll have to think about it.