Name change

Ok- because I am glutton for drama and more work my name is the process of being updated. We leave in about 45 days. My ssn card has been updated to the new name but I have not updated my passport or licenses ( us citizen). I have what I need to fly. But from a wdw perspective should I wait until after we get home to update the license and all or can I do it and then update me name on the reservations, magic band, etc. also- we rented dvc points which I think complicates this further. Finally- I do have a court order changing my name so I have valid documentation. I am thinking I should just wait but I would love to have it done….

I don’t think you’ll need any documentation for WDW at all. Maybe just bring that court order just in case but I’ve never presented any ID for my reservations since the advent of online checkin. I’ve never even visited a check-in desk at WDW in years.


My niece was married during the summer (with a name change). She delayed changing her name on her license so her name would match her plane ticket but that was the only concern.

If you had an AP or DVC discount you would need an ID with the same name (sometimes) but the name has not mattered anywhere else.

I put my niece on the reservation by her married name, her ID and flight were her maiden name.

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My license had my maiden name for 7 years. 2 Disney trips, never a question. Everything else was in my married name. DMV sucks so I renewed with maiden name bc I couldn’t handle their crap anymore that particular day.