Mydisneyexperience check-in not working for me, help!

When I try to check in to our Disney hotels on mydisneyexperience I keep getting “Sorry, We encountered an error. Please try again later” on the first step. It’s driving me CRAZY!! I tried last week, I tried again just now, using both Chrome and Safari. It will not let me check in.
Anybody know what’s going on???
Thank you!

Have you tried from “private” in safari or “incognito” in Chrome?

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It is not really that big of a deal. When you get to your resort to check-in they will get the information then and it is not that much. Mainly your credit card info if you want it tied to your acct.

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Great suggestion, I tried it though and same result: error. Thanks, though!

OK, thanks for the reassurance. We have 3 rooms so it would have streamlined things some, plus it just leaves a bad taste in the mouth when they offer this “great cool thing” and it’s just a big time-wasting bust.

Personally my wife and I always stop by the resort check-in just to see what room we have and make sure everything is on the up and up. Sometimes we have completed the On-line check-in months in advance. There is very little if anything it does other than let them know your coming and they already know that. You are NOT required to do the on-line check-in before hand and personally I don’t see much of a reason to do it unless you want to. I think it makes you feel more like your coming close to your vacation and gives you a affromation.

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I got the same error message.

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We had the same thing in August, I tried every trick I could think of, plus tried every few days up to check in day. Never worked - just got the error message.

Mentioned it to CM at Movies check-in desk, she just shrugged it off.