MyDisney Experience down? Can't modify reservations and hold time is over 2 hours

I just went into MyDisney app to review my reservations for next month, and realized I accidentally booked an ADR for today (WHOOPS!). The app has a message that they are having issues, and I am definitely experiencing that… when I try to modify, it just keeps spinning and saying to Please Try Again. I tried the website too and took about 20 tries to even be able to access the MyDisney Experience portion, but a message says they are unable to show plans at this time. Called in for support and the voice recording says the hold time is over 2 hours.

I am trying to avoid getting charged for this reservations, so feel some urgency… though I imagine those actually at Disney right now are feeling even more frustrated!

Any tips?

There are significant outages right now…not just Disney.

In the meantime, not sure if you can contact the restaurant directly? (Not always possible.)

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Amazon Web Services is down which is causing server outages everywhere

I would call tomorrow and explain it was accidental and you couldn’t get through to cancel it. I’m sure they will refund you.


If it’s happening to enough people, they may waive no-show penalties today to save their GS CMs the trouble. (Quiet, you - I’m an optimist. LOL)


Interesting read on this situation, with a lot more technical info.

@Trachen try again now. I was just able to log on to the DVC website. It was down earlier as well.


I still can’t get into the DVC site…although, it stopped giving me a 503 error, which it was doing for a while. So…that’s progress.

Thanks all! I was able to modify on the app finally.


I’m curious what this looked like for people in the parks trying to manage G+.


According to Twitter it was a mess. Magic bands and mobile ordering was down. Guest Experience lines at 2+ hours.


All these guest experience cms need a raise after all the ish they’ve been dealing with lately.


Wow. Just wow. At work we have a plan for when the computers are down. Red folder with a paper work flow. Maybe I’ll make Chapek a red folder.


That’s all I could think about too, I can’t imagine what they will do to make it right.

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We were at Animal Kingdom today and had some issues but were able to use Genie+. Lots of closing the app and re-opening. Couldn’t check wait times for awhile. We never got our photopass pictures on Everest. Navi was down from 7:30 until lunchtime. Everest was down at park opening as well for awhile.