MyDisney app inexperience

I’m trying to make sure everyone has their theme park reservations, assign tickets, and resorts. Here’s my dilemma, my dad has zero experience with the app. He won’t have the app on his phone so it’s up to my mom and myself. I typed in his info on my account as a guest, but it doesn’t show that he has a resort with my mom or theme park reservations or tickets. I purchased all 4 of our tickets and I can see all those on the app. S.O.S! What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help!

If you are having issues with accounts linking I would Suggest calling the IT line: (407) 939-4357. I have had numerous issues with bad linking or extra users that were impossible to solve myself online and they fixed in a couple minutes over the phone. Just know ahead what you want the outcome to be as far which parent’s account should have access and how they will log in.

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