My wish for Touring Plans - Rope Drop option

While you’re entering all the information for your plan, like fast passes, dining breaks etc, there should be an option to enter if you have already know where you want to go for rope drop. For example, my Magic Kingdom plan always pushes 7 dwarves further down my list when I know I have to get there for rope drop or suffer a long wait time. I know there’s an option to ‘validate’ vs. ‘optimize’ but then it keeps everything as is as opposed to basing it around my rope drop.

…Does that make sense or am I a rambling mess?

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Agreed. There is a “workaround” if you’ll set a 5 minute break right at park open / EMH it’ll then acknowledge you want to RD.

I don’t know why this works and you shouldn’t have to “force” it.


But how will it know what ride I want to RD?

It’ll be the first ride you list. It’ll have you at that ride at 8:10am. I can make a sample TP to show you…

I like to set a 1 minute ADR at park opening at a restaurant or cart that is by the ride I plan to RD.

Then you can use Optimize and it will usually put that e-ticket ride as your first ride.

I still think the wait time it gives you is a little longer than what you should expect if you are at the front of the pack. But we can all use a cushion in our TP, right?


Thanks all! I’ll try a sample one and see how it goes! Appreciate it!

Here’s the sample I just slapped together…

Amazing. So:
Step 1: Put 5 minutes. (should it say leaving the park? or in the park? or does it matter?)
Step 2: make sure your rope drop ride is 2nd (after the break)
Step 3: Optomize

Is that all right?

Here’s my experiment TP when I was playing with it before.

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OK, putting that 5 minute break didn’t work. I tried a few different ways, but it keeps putting 7 dwarves at the bottom. MTrib, I’m going to try your way now.

Oh man. That didn’t work either! It just doesn’t want me to go to Seven Dwarfs at RD! I’ll play around a bit later. Thanks for your help!

Touring Plans, if you’re listening: Add a Rope Drop option!

This is the issue… Put in the break - staying in park. (Or pick a QS near the ride to get a better walking time) Then make RD ride is step #2. Finally, Evaluate not optimize.

If you Optimize it will move your steps based on what TP says will have the shortest waits.

Right but Evaluate doesn’t change anything right? I want them to optimize my plan except for the RD.

I did a thing, though:

After I hit optimize, I hit the edit button on Seven Dwarfs and there’s this:

Time of Day Preference:
This attraction offers a nighttime experience. When do you want to experience it?

And I clicked on “Before Sunrise” and it worked? (Along with having that food break at the Fantasy Island Ice Cream Stand at 9am.


More generally than just Rope Drop, I wish you could “pin” certain rides/times and have everything optimize around it. Sort of like how meals work.


That’s a fantastic idea, Amanda.


I see a “Before Sunset” option, but not “Sunrise”. I think that had to be a coincidence… unless it kept Optimizing it at night, and now you’re making it not?

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I agree! I also agree about “pinning” or “fixing” attractions to a specific time!

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Yes, I would love that. I prefer Optimize over Evaluate in general, but there are certain times where I’d like to pin a specific ride or two down. E.g. I like starting my day in Tomorrowland, and would love to pin Space Mountain at RD while still Optimizing everything else.

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Your other option that some have offered as a hack is to make a break in the morning that serves as your proxy for SDMT. As in, don’t even schedule the ride, just create a break at RD, make it the length of what you guestimate the wait and ride are going to take.


Yes, it was most likely a coincidence.