My very first attempt at a trip report

Hello! I’ve been a mostly-lurking member of TP for just over 3 years and I just wanted to say, wow. Every post I’ve read and every question I’ve asked paid off already in just our first two days here!

I’m going to attempt a live-ish trip report, though I’m not sure how well it will turn out, since I’ve never done this before!

Background: This trip was originally scheduled for this same week but in 2020. Needless to say, we were READY. The extra year paid off, though. Tiny DD6 cracked 44 inches at the beginning of April. It might not be much, but the few additional rides that opened up due to her new height achievement make it so there is only one ride she cannot go on. Since she is fearless and wants to do EVERYTHING, I feel like this alone made the trip worth the extra year wait!

Day 1: Arrival Day: 4/21

Funny story to start. Our confirmation code for our flight was DE4TTH. Yes. Basically, death! So, when I woke up to this on our flight day, I was a wee tiny bit concerned. LOL

I was pretty nervous about the flight (I’m mildly superstitious), but our airport was well-prepared and we lifted off on time and landed safely. :joy::grimacing:

We arrived and MCO and were at the ME pickup by 11:15, and ME dropped us at BCV by 12:30. We got our room ready text shortly after (yay!), so we were able to get into our swimsuits and head to SAB.

Our first day was spent relaxing by the pool. The kids swam from about 2 to 7, and even then we had to drag them out. They loved the pool games that were taking place and the cast member running them was great!

After we got upstairs, I went down to grab a few things from the marketplace, and both DD6 and DD8 were passed out when I got back. I took the opportunity to walk a circle around the boardwalk. I am absolutely in love with this area and the BC resort area specifically. I feel like we made the perfect resort choice for our family!

Day 2: MK: 4/22

We were on the first bus to MK. I had planned our TP to avoid any zigzagging as this is our first stroller-free trip amd I wanted to prioritize minimal walking. I also set the walking speed to the lowest setting to allow us time to rest our feet as needed.

We headed first to Fantasyland and were on and off SDMT, Dumbo, Barnstormer, the teacups, and the carousel and sitting down eating our cinnamon rolls from Gaston’s before 9:15. We waited maybe 15 minutes for SDMT, but we walked on everything else!

When we were finished snacking, we rode PP and HM, then headed to the mountains. HM was a walk on. The other 3 had waits of less than 20 minutes and moved super quickly. We were halfway through our TP by 10:30!!! Way ahead of schedule!

We had an early lunch at Pecos Bill’s. It was the perfect amount of food and provided us a light, yummy lunch and views of a couple of different cavalcades!

Next was Pirates, which ended up being our longest wait of the day (about 35 minutes), dole whips, magic carpets, the treehouse, and JC (we waited about 30 minutes for this as well).

We headed over to Tommorowland and had short waits at both Buzz and SM. This was DD6’s first height test and she knocked the height checker! (Her new kicks gave her a bit of a boost, but I feel pretty sure she’d have made it anyway!) SM was a first for everyone in our party except for me, and everyone loved it! I spent my ride laghing at the noises DD8 and DD6 were making! :joy: Both had their hands up the whole way!

When we finished there, we took a break, strolled the shops, and walked around until our dinner reservation at BOG. We arrived about 20 minutes early and were immediately seated in the west wing. We were right next to the enchanted rose, which made DD super happy.

Our dinner was definitely delicious, but we waited an extremely long time for our entrees. We didn’t complain, but we did receive a visit form a manager before the entress arrived, and he apologized and offered a 20% discount, which was nice.

After dinner, we went back to BC and the kids swam for another hour or so, before baths and bed.

Honestly, this day was perfect and I thank TP for that. My DH kept saying, “We gotta stay on mom’s schedule,” (jokingly), but I explained it was more of a plan and less of a rigid “must do this at this time” kind of thing. I was genuinely impressed that we were able to walk on so many rides early in the day! It allowed us a great deal of flexibility and sit time later on when we needed it. It was so nice to not feel stressed with where to go next! Having a well-planned TP allowed us to relax and maximize our time for our needs!

On Day 3 (today), we are headed to AK. This will be everyone’s first time! We opted not to rope drop today and plan to head out around 10 or so. Finger’s crossed for another great day!

This last pic cracks me up
Where’s DD6? :joy::joy:


I think that would be enough to make anyone superstitious! What a fabulous first park day, and great pics. Have fun at AK!


Wow! Great pictures and great planning! I love BOG and the west wing is such a treat! Yeah for a discount !


LOL! Yikes!! That would freak me out!

Great trip report so far. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:


Great start!!! I’m like you and headed to WDW next week having never used a TP or done a trip report! LOL to the confirmation # and snow to start! Same for us in Kansas City. Oh, spring weather!
Love your framing of a TP.


Love hearing about all of the rides you were able to fit in to your schedule!

Ditto everyone else’s comments. Super excited to follow along. Who’s the full party traveling with you?

And also - the note about watching cavalcades from Pecos Bill is a benefit I hadn’t considered before. My kids love watching the small world boats from Villagehaus, but maybe we’ll try something new this year?!


What a great trip so far!!! Thanks for sharing! OMG you must save that boarding pass! I hope the rest of the trip is wonderful!!!


Have a great trip!!! I am excited to read more :slight_smile:

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So far so good, even with the ominous confirmation! I can’t wait to hear how you liked AK.

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Yayyyy more TR!!! Have a blast!

I really didn’t like Pecos Bill’s food last time we ate there, but I’ve been struggling to settle on good quick service and this is tempting. Is it possible to get corn dogs from Sleepy Hollow and sit at Pecos? Or are there other tables nearby with the same view?

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Hope you guys have a great time (and looks like you already are)! Weather looks nicer than home anyway :joy: (I’m from MN so I feel you on the never ending winter vibe.)

We are heading out for our May 2020 re-re-rescheduled trip next Friday so looking forward to hearing your report of post-spring break wait times.

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We head out next Saturday-can’t wait! Thanks for the report :slight_smile:


When I went in October with the kids by myself, we got some sleepy hollow but couldn’t find any tables (because I couldn’t leave kids alone and groups were claiming tables when the rest of their party got in line, effectively sitting at a table without food for the 30 minutes prior to actually having their food). Kids and I sat on the ground. But I wouldn’t have thought to walk to a different location entirely. I don’t think anyone would mind…

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Thank you for sharing! My DD7 is super small too so I understand the big shoes! I’m happy to hear the TP worked so well for you.

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It’s me, DH, DS8, DD 6, my mom (late 50s) and my younger brother (30). We brought my bro to pal around with my mom as needed, though they’ve both kept up with us all so far, except today, which was planned that way.

Will update in the morning. We are still going strong and loving every minute. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Almost directly across from sleepy hollow just outside the Christmas shoppe there is a little area with a sleigh and one iron table and chairs. That is where we like to eat our waffles and the cavalcades go right by this area.


Wow! Thanks for sharing your secret! I won’t tell a soul. :shushing_face::wink:


Somehow, no one ever seems to be sitting there or taking hokey Christmas sleigh/castle pics. Oh well…secret’s out now