My univertsal dashboard not showing


I have set up a dashboard for our upcoming trip. We are going to both WDW and USF. My USF dashboard does not show. How do I get them to both show?


Paging @Len or @daybreaker. Hopefully one of them is around to lend a hand.


Do you have a universal subscription?? . I think ( not 100% sure) that to use Dashboards you need subscription for that part of TP. I have wdw and uni subs and can do dashboard for both of them but cant do DLR as don't subscribe to it.


Continued ^^^on my dash is says premium subscription for uni and wdw but only " You currently have basic access upgrade to premium subscription to unlock trip planning"" for DLR


@Jagnich - thanks for subscribing. Are your Uni and WDW dates overlapping? The dashboard doesn't currently handle that situation, but we have it on our list of things to do.


I have a subscription to both and I am unable to link universal and Disney touring plans on the dashboard. Any idea why? how?