My Universal Photos

Has UOR stopped allowing you to buy photos taken on rides or taking pictures due to COVID? I was looking into the different packages on their website, and it says they are unavailable for purchase. Here’s where I saw they were unavailable: Universal Orlando

I think the website is just currently down and has been for at least 1 week. I just used my amazing pictures purchase that I purchase in April of 2020 last week November 11th-17th. The photographers were still out taking photos and they assured us that our photos are there and will be viewable once the website is running again. As a compensation they are allowing us to use our pass for 1 year…which I’m not sure that we will be back in a year so not much compensation for us.


I usually buy mine in the Black Friday sale so hopefully it will be up and running soon!


Yeah, it’s still down. My question, though—when you get off each ride, do you have to go to a counter to find your picture and scan your card, or does it do it automatically?

Also, in the HP lands, when they take your picture (before the rides, or on the rides), can these be added on your cards as well, or are these a separate fee? If I ever end up getting one, it would be to have all my ride photos and meet and greets in one place for future prints, not printing at the parks.

The meet and greets etc are all included. I think you still have to go to the desk after the ride. It’s not like a MB where they can track you.

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You either have to go to a counter or a kiosk to get your photos, they can’t track you like MBs. Photos for HP are included EXCEPT for the Shutter Buttons photo location.

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For Gringotts, where they scan scan you in the Queue, they can scan your photo card. If you don’t have a card yet.

The site is back up!

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Ugh I missed this!

It wasn’t the Black Friday prices, but the site is back up :grin:

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Oh that makes me feel better! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for another sale.

If you end up spotting a sale, please let us know!

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Will do!

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