My trip your questions Day 8

8/1-8/16- 8th Day: Heading 2 MK @ noon. Pirate league ress for my DD4 DD6 DS9. Then we're heading 2 Epcot 4 a world showcase day. Exploring all the stuff in each country n getting 1 QS meal in each country to share for fun. DD6 n I got ill yesterday lets see how we r tiday. Epcot open until 11pm. Please post any questions here.


What was your favorite QS meals? Were you surprised by any of the meals? Any better than you thought they would be?

@PrincipalTinker Loved everything. Only had a few countries, we were full going back another day. Fish from yorshire is awesone! Snack credits were used for everything in France. Ham n chesse croissant- awesone, chocolate brioche- dry, meringue- okay, would nit order again, lobster bisque- awesome n olive n tomatoe pizza with guyere chesse good different. Cronut tasted like an apple fritter to me nit what i expected good but would not get it again.

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