My Trip your questions, Day 6

8/1-8/16- 6th Day: Yay! It's a sleep in day. Swim, tan n water slide by the pool. Maybe a load of laundry? Pool hop to POFQ. Dinner show @ 8:15 @ poly for luau. Please post any questions here.


Oh! Could you please post about your dinner after you go?

@PrincipalTinker I went to the luau with low expectations n really just did it for the kids. We had category 1 n Sat right in front. The apps were on the table wit pitchers of ice water. They had soba noodle salad, salad with sweet dressing, Hawaiian coleslaw, pineapples n bread. It was so good. My DD4 really loved the noodles. Thry stop the show in between setting fir like ten minute increments. It worked out so u don't.miss he show n kids ate. Tbey had kids options but we didn't get it, pizza, corn dogs grilled chicken n Mahi Mahi. I hate ribs n pork n have eaten Hawaiian food before n hated it, too bland but thus was delicious! It's all u can eat family style ribs sweet BBQ sauce, pull pork, chickend tasted charred so good n veggies, fir dessert we had the pineapple bread pudding with Carmel sauce, heaven. Tasted like a crepe met bread pudding. Free alcohol woo hoo! !! But I also tried this drink tbat came in a coconut u take home, great drink but t was inside a cup then inserted in the coconut: (. Still good. Show was fun the kuds go up on stage to dance, cute. Fire dancer was amazing. I recommend thus show n try to go at 8:15 it was so breezy the fan power was awesome.

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Thank you! I think this was the most details I have ever read about this!

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