My Trip, Your Questions Day 1

8/1-8/16- 1st Day: Flight delayed 45 mins but still excited. Checking into CBR pirate room water view in late evening. 2maro morning we'll be swimming, water sliding and exploring the hotel. Please post any questions here.

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OMG. Your kids are adorable!


Just got on MDE. Fyi, as long as your flight lands by 10:00pm bags are checked with MDE. we were skeptical bcuz r flight was delayed n got in at 9:50pm. They even had it on there paperwork. I did not have to tell them about the delay


I would love to hear your thoughts on CBR! Will have our first stay there coming up this fall, but not in a Pirate Room. Especially interested in if you notice any noise or disruption due to refurbishment of some of the rooms.

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Our plane also lands at 9:45 PM on 8/8. Did you pick your bags up or have DME deliver to your room? If DME delivered, what time did they get there?

Internet reception sucks! Cant get the pic of the resort map to post, ill post it when i get reception. TrinidaRoom is so cool except for what looks like a hair from down under found on a mickey wash cloth ear. Waiting for our bags they are ten mins away.