My trip finally!


Leaving in the morning for Disney. Can’t wait! I am going with DD, DS, DDiL and my 2 granddaughters who are both 4 - almost 5. We are staying at pop century for the first time We will be staying for 7 nights - going to all 4 parks and have planned many character meals. I have planned, planned, planned! Hope i have everything in order! So looking forward to my trip.


Have a fantastic time!


Have a great trip!


That feels a bit uncommitted to me. When I went I planned, planned, planned, planned.


Enjoy your trip! Your family will benefit greatly from your planning!


It never hurts to plan ahead. Those that don’t generally regret it. Now that you have, sit back and enjoy your planning, Have a Magical vacation!


Enjoy your trip! Tell us about it when you return home, for those of us who are still months (and months!) away.


Cant wait for your trip report!!


When arrived on Saturday my room was ready around 3 and i got room requested. Ground floor of building 7. Love new rooms. Had adr for luau at Polynesian. 5:15 and we were out by 6:50. We jumped on monorail and activated our AP and spent a couple of hours in park. Will write full report later but good to be at Disney!! Epcot today and heading to animal kingdom in morning


Got to ask you what the weather is like in WDW. Reason being that we hear it is in the 30’s most nights. Now that’s nothing compared to what we are experiencing this year (-18 wind chill -34), but we will be there on Mar the 1st and kind of hoping this will not be true as Mar may not see the 70’s and 80’s we are hoping for.


It is definitely colder than we expected. High 30s a couple of days but usually in the 40s. I have worn long sleeve shirt, sweater and a fleece jacket at night. If I had had my gloves the first night. I would have worn them. The wind was really blowing. The days are really nice though. In the 60s. Cool but pleasant. Layers are the key.