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As some are aware I had some issues with my TP and FPP not working for me. Was getting really agitated that I couldnt get this figured out and decided to start over from scratch and finally after reading threads and being patient (not a virtue for me) I was able to finally hammer out my TP’s for the 7 days Im at WDW next week.

Below are my TP’s that I have created and would appreciate honest and open opinions on them so I can get final tweaks as needed.

Thanks for listening to me during my rough time and all the hints and sorry for be a rear in my rants earlier.
We are touring MK, EP and HS plus a Universal Day as well as a Day off to go to DS and pool. I have a short evening plan for MK one day if needed and have tickets to MVMCHP
MK Day 1
MK Day 2

My IOA/US plans

Congratulations ! I am so glad it worked for you! Is your first MK day a party night? Or your second? I have a weird glitch in my safari browser that makes it hard to go back and forth between plans and threads so let me start there. Will you create a separarate party plan? Your two MK days look great! It looks like you have planned a very doable plan! I love your day two FPs! Will you try for more? Your first day seems like a very long day to me. Are you afraid it will be too much?

Epcot plan- your breakfast will take 90 minutes! Are you planning on not going? Also, to have an all you can eat breakfast and then lunch at 12 would make me explode! I would also keep an eye on Sum of all Thrills- sometimes that line gets long. Have you considered cancelling your breakfast?

HS looks great! I may suggest you flip your first two steps. RnR line has been a little crazy and if you are there first it may make a big difference.

my first thoughts on your 1st MK day: in order to truly have a short wait at PP in the morning. you need to be at the front of the pack for RD. If that’s the case, it should work.
I highly doubt the wait for PotC will be 8min at 2pm. That seems WAY too short. If the line is longer, which I presume it will be, I would plan on adding it as a 4th fpp after you use your scheduled one for BTMRR. So you could do, JC, then TSI, BTMRR, stop at kiosk,add 4th fpp for PotC and do country bears, liberty belle, HoP, and swiss family treehouse in between since those all will have no or minimal waits. otherwise, that day looks very doable.

day 2 MK looks awesome. good job! I would just add in a little more than 30 min for lunch at BOG, maybe 45. food comes out quick if pre ordered but sometimes there’s a wait to check in or they lose the preorder, etc. just give yourself a little more cushion

I’m a little confused with the EP plan. Are you for sure doing a breakfast ADR at Akershus at 8:30am? If so, I would plan for 60-90 min. Character meals can take awhile. sometimes you will be done eating quicker but you need to wait for charactes. That could really throw off TT in the morning. you may end up doing single rider if the line is long but then you can’t ride with your group and I think you miss the design process for the car. Also, I think it might be close together for food to eat at 8:30 am and then have lunch at noon. just my opinion. EP is very big and going b/w WS and FW too many times may get exhausting.

few thougts on HS:
what are you planning on doing b/w TSMM and Frozen sing along? You have 40 min. if you have kids you could do the Honey I shrunk the kids playground. If LMA is do not miss, you may want to do the earlier showing (1pm I believe). If your lunch takes longer, you don’t want to feel rushed to get there after. So you could swap that and the voyage of the little mermaid which is pretty much shown every 20-30min.
Also, the wait time for star tours with a fpp will not be one minute. we had this exact same time fpp 2 weeks ago and the wait with fpp was at least 10 min. which should still be fine. I would think that you can still get into the 11am Indy show since the theater is huge and they are very close to each other. We got into the Frozen sing along and indy 5-10min early only.

Thanks for the awesome replies and i will definitely look and make tweets to my plans as suggested and take a hard look at Akerhaus breakfast. I see I need a change there now to make that work

Our first day at MK we have plans for the MVMCP and I have a plan for that. Our first day is a long day and we are just gonna do the plan until we are happy and if we need a break we will leave MK and come back. I have Following Monday scheduled for off day but that can change to Wednesday as well allowing us a third day in MK. I actually have FPP late in day already after dinner at Yachtmans so we have some flexibility there

For HS I like the suggestions and will tweak as needed. Looking forward to publishing them again

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Here are my completed update plans published with some update for each Park

Epcot - I should have included the fact that we are arriving and going to Epcot for a short day/evening and desert party on the day we arrive 11/18 and have FPP for TT. As for Akerhus, its important for DD8 and DW that we keep this for the Princess. They also enjoyed seeing dad blushing with them. :slight_smile: I dropped Via Napoli for time and agreed it was to close to breakfast. Will see what TT is like maybe single rider or skip it since we will do that our first day. We will probably not get it all done because we have dinner ressie at CG that eve…

Epcot Day 1 Late Arrival

Epcot Full Day

MK - Along with our previous 2 days at MK I also had a tentative short day scheduled specifically to see the Frozen sisters since the FPP where a no go for the previous two days. We have dinner ressies at Yachtmans then will head over to MK. I added time for BOG lunch as suggested to 45 min then wander over the PP and continue.

MK Day 1

MK Day 2

MK Day 3

HS - Moved RnR before we go eat making that a RD ride at the get go and moved in another attraction. The plan shows 224 free mins which is alot and if we see something we want to do while there, even though there are closures, we will adress those as needed.


After my initial issues Im pretty happy with the plans that I have although Im still seeing some message about not getting me to show on time or something.

Now I do have a question. These plans where created with me adding attractions in the order I wanted and adding the FPP time slots and moving things around until I was happy with the results and the I pressed EVALUATE and waited.

Im not sure I fully understand the primary difference of what happens when we Evaulate or Optimze. When I tried to optimize one MK plan it jumbles all my times up and says my FPP selections options are not used, as in the same message I got before that drove me nutso. I just moved the attractions back along with the FPP times and EVALUATE to get back to starting point.

Is there any need to Optimize? Do I optize at park or anytime?

Thanks for looking reading and mostly and with most sincere gratitude. THANK YOU for helping me out and the suggestions. Im open to more if I can make it better

Wow! Your trip is almost here! I love the changes you made to your 2nd Epcot day! I also think your first day looks good. I am concerned about Soarin and your meal. I think both will take much longer but it looks like you have a great plan and can be flexible.

Did I miss PilharMagic on your MK plans? You must see it! The rest of your plans look great! I believe if you optimize it will change the order but as you are in the park you may want to optimize based on real time waits?

Great catch. Thanks

PhilharMagic is one of those attractions I keep on my list for when I find I am ahead of schedule, or I am waiting for a FP, or I just want/need to go to an attraction filled with magic that always makes me smile.

Hi ,
For EP day 1: I would plan longer at Sunshine Seasons for dinner. Probably an hour .We were there 2 weeks ago at 7pm on a night that F&W was open and it was dead in there. At it still took us 45 min for dinner. The waits can be long at the food stations and check out and then we went back up for dessert which meant more waiting. Also, there isn’t any way to “add” a FP for Soarin at that time b/c you won’t have used your other Fpp’s yet. No of course Sunshine Season and Soarin are right next to each other so it wouldn’t hurt to check the standby wait time but my guess is that it will be longer than 34 min. I feel like in general, TP kind of underestimated my wait times for this last trip.

MK day 1; Only other suggestion I have is that if you are not at the front of the pack for RD and you get to PP and the line is long you could skip it and go straight to ETWB since it does look like you have a fpp for Peter Pan on your 2nd day. As principal tinker suggested, you could then fill in some time in Fantasyland on day 1 by going to philharmagic.
If you do miss PP that morning you could do the following order: ETWB, HM, IASW, (these are all super close to each other), carousel, use your fpp for Rapunzel and Cindy, then philharmagic, then lunch. that would be an effective use of your morning too then proceed with plan as scheduled. I also see that Splash mtn isn’t on the list. We love splash but I guess you could see what the weather ends up being like.
Also, one other thing to majorly keep in mind is that navigating b/w frontierland and adventureland can get a little tricky right around 3pm b/c the FoF parade starts in Froniterland at 3pm and blocks the road for about 15 min.

For MK day 2, you have 81 min right around 3pm. Maybe you are planning to watch FoF parade at that time, makes sense and would fit in perfectly to your plan.

The difference between evaluate and optimize is that when you use evaluate, it keeps things in the order that you put them. Optimize will move everything around with 1 goal in mind…to keep wait time lowest. I never optimized. I preferred to just do things in the order that worked for us. Don’t optimize in the park unless you want it to put the plan in a totally different order. The only time I could see optimizing is mid day or late on one of your MK days where you have mostly done what you wanted and you want a little direction on how to finish up your day.

I think you did a good job with plans. Your EP and HS days look very long to me. but then again, a lot of people can handle 10-12 hours in a theme park, my fam just can’t. We did 10 hours once at MK last year and then were shot the next day after 2 hours in HS. This trip our longest time in a park was at MK as well, 8 hours on one day and 8 hours on another day for the Halloween party. But then the next day, we could only do like 4 hours in a park. Just depends on the touring style of your family.
Good luck! Have tons of fun and post back here after your trip to let us know how the plans turned out for you!!

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Great suggestions ALL and thanks. I added Phillarmagic to my MK1 day and have room to see MK2 as well if we have to skip it due to time. There are a few attractions that are must does like PP, BTMRR, PoC, JC and HM. These are the family favs and Im pretty sure DD8 would be heart broken if we skip SW. However there are a few that we can work around as the day progress’s because I must agree our days, especially MK1 is gonna be a really long day and thats a day we are gonna be flexible with. If we get our main must does done that day, then we can just play it by ear and go with the flow.

Thanks again for all the suggestions

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