My touring plan times are all off

I have made 2 touring plans for MK in May. One gives me a 10,426 minute wait for Main Street Vehicles, a 9,836 minute wait for the Railroad, and a 10,000 minute wait to meet Cinderella & Rapunzel (this one I entered a FP for and it doesn’t even use it!). It also puts me at Main Street Electrical Parade at 6:18pm with no wait and it doesn’t start till 9! What is going on? I tried to do a second one and have similar issues plus many of the attractions say N/A for wait and duration? I have tried this over several days and don’t know what else to do. Help?

Oh, and I have done 6 other days worth of touring plans with no issues so I don’t think it’s me :smile:


Email, describing the problem and giving the plan URL. They should get back to you pretty quickly.

Make sure you have your AM and PM indicated correctly…

Thank you both! I was able to use that email and they fixed it :smile: