My touring plan doesn't match advice about how long to arrive in advance for Candlelight processional?

I will be at Epcot on a pretty busy day right before Christmas, 1212/22. In the general advice it says to arrive about an hour before the Candlelight processional to get a seat, but my customized touring plan only has us arriving 15 minutes early. Does this mean I have too much on my list? Or can I trust that 15 minutes should be enough for that day?

This is my first time making my own touring plan, Thanks in advance!

Are you going with a Candlelight Processional Dining package or are you trying to get a seat as general attendance?

@ Outer1 No, we do not have the dining package.

Well I can’t speak from personal experience because we don’t go until this December, but everything I’ve seen indicates that the general attendance folks do start lining up very early. As they allow entry all of those with dining packages are allowed in first and then the general audience is allowed in up until it hits capacity. Hopefully another liner that has done this before will be able to shed a bit more light and offer a better suggestion.

Thanks for your response!

Np! Welcome to the forums.

@Lentesta do you have any insight on attending these without the packages or why the TP would only suggest showing up 15 mins beforehand?

I think 15 minutes is the default in-advance arrival time. I’ll ask Sarah to change it.