My thoughts on recent trip

Just got back from DW. Was there from 7-29 to 8-3. Party consisted of self, DW, DD, and 14yr DGS.

Did the rope drops twice at AK so could ride Avatar twice. Getting there at 07:30 AM for 09:00 AM opening. You will kick yourself is you don’t do the rope drop.
Avatar is simply amazing.

Stayed at CBR. Accomodations were fairly good. We spent 5 nights there and only once did housekeeping come in to clean our room?

In the bathroom there was a metal towel rack above the toilet. When you would stand up and lean over to turn the shower on your head comes quite close to the metal corner on the towel rack. And of course the first morning DGS hits the corner of the towel rack putting a cut over his eyebrow. Not needing suture but still left a visible mark.
Went to the front desk and told them they had a safety risk in their design of the bathroom. Told them a wooden rack would have been more forgiving and a rounded corner would have been more desirable. They apologized and gave us 3 Fast Passes for each member to use at AK that day and able to
use any time on any ride except Avatar. The free Fast Passes took some of the sting out of his new scar . When we got back from AK that day workmen had came into our room and removed the whole towel rack.

Overall a great trip. But someone tell my why oh why do people with strollers and scooters seem to want to go faster than other patrons on foot? People aren’t suppose to run but somehow if you have a stroller or scooter you get permission to move at what would be considered a running speed for pedestrians.


OMG!! I know right? I can “Dad Walk” with the best of them, but not once have I ever knocked anyone down or injured someone. I get smashed in the Achilles, so bad that I drop to the ground, at least once each trip. Not once has any of these people ever stopped or even offered a word of apology - like it never happened.


I’ve got some great memories of rope drops years ago when late October was a slow period. But now I refuse to get run over by the wild hoards and concentrate more on the late hours.

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I can deal with a bit of pushing or being brushed up against, it’s the battering ram wielding Moms that are dangerous! :crazy_face::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I looooooove AK rope drop. Maybe it’s because FOP is a ride for a slightly older audience, but it is just fun and I feel like the CMs are slightly more relaxed because everyone seems to play by the rules a bit more at that RD.