My solo turned into a trio

So after a few drinks and alot of laughs, my two friends on a whim decided to join me in october 18-21. Tix were bought and my days are as follows:

Sunday:Arrive MCO 10 am. Staying at pop, heading to EPCOT
Monday: HS- 3:45 dinner chef arts
Tuesday :MK- either LTT or Kona for dinner haven’t decided yet
Wed: AK- tragical express around 2pm. - no meals planned.

These ladies have not been to Disney in upwards of 20 years, So I want to give them the best (Pandemic) Experience I can. I’ve already warned them I’m a park open to park close kinda girl and they are free to ditch me if they want to relax for a bit.

Does anyone have any “must do Disney” things they can think of? I’ve been so many times, I don’t mind missing a few things myself.


I’d do the classics with them and not worry about the hottest new rides. If they’ve been before, even as children, it would be fun to ride Peter Pan and IASW, for example. Plus Splash since it’ll bring changed. I’d still do new rides, just wouldn’t obsess over them. Make sure they get to ride the monorail. Have a Dole Whip and a Mickey Bar. We went 2 years ago for my first visit in 20 years and DH’s first visit in 30+ and it was the things we had done before that were the most fun. We loved Soarin’ and TSL as much as the next person, but nostalgia is a real thing.


We had pretty good luck heading to the left at MK this past Monday. In Adventureland, PotC was open before official park opening while JC did not open until right at 9 so you could probably knock out both with (almost) no wait and then head to Splash as this is a must do and most people will wait until a little later in the day given the potential for drenching. BTMR of course is right there next and then I would skip to my real must do which is Haunted Mansion. Even though I missed it on this last trip, this is the one that I remember most from when I went as a teenager.

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I accidentally posted this in the wrong thread!

I’m kind of in the same boat. Going October 20-23 with a friend who hasn’t been to Disney (not sure if it was Land or World) in at least 30 years! We’re only planning on two park days - Wednesday at AK and Thursday at MK. I really want to to do most of the classic stuff that is what you think of when you think of Disney and don’t want her to get frustrated with lines.

@srentmee do you know what else is open before 9:00 AM? We were planning to do 7DMT before opening and then knock out Fantasy land and HM. Not sure if that’s still the best plan.
Always go left! But also not sure I want to ride Splash early in the day!

@srentmee thanks for your response! I do know that 7DMT is open early. We rode that before 9:00 in August. Good to know about POC too! Does HM open early I wonder?

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