My September Pre-trip Plans ❤️

Here are my plans for my Solo trip to Disney and Universal September 8-18. I am very excited for all of my plans but I am very concerned about the weather. I am hoping it won’t rain a lot. I will report back after the trip!
Day 1:
5:45 am flight and I should land around 8:30.
Magical Express to go to Animal Kingdom lodge.
Boma for breakfast, sanaa for lunch and relax at the hotel until late afternoon until I head to AK.
FPs Dinosaur, safari and Navi River.
Back to the lodge for dinner at Jiko.
Day 2:
Sleep in and enjoy the hotel for the morning.
Bus to AK, lunch at Tiffins.
FPs Everest, wall the jungle trek, FP Kali
Bus to lodge to pack and relax, Boma early dinner.
Bus back to AK for after hours event.
FP FofP, Rivers of light, Everest, Dinosaur, Navi and then FofP as many times as I can before close.
Day 3:
Boma breakfast, check out and uber to Dolphin.
Relax, Uber to grand Floridian.
Afternoon tea
Magic kingdom FP haunted mansion and 7DMT.
Back to grand Floridian for Victoria and Alberts dinner.
Mickey not so scary Halloween party. I will miss a good portion of it but I’m alone so I can move quick and see the later show/parade. Hopefully I make it there for the fireworks.
Bus to dolphin.
Day 4:
Galaxys Edge. I have no idea what time I will head over but my reservations are in the afternoon. Ogas, savis and droid.
Evening star tours and SDD.
Day 5:
FP frozen
Food and wine lunch
Takumi Tei dinner
Depending on weather I might do Magic Kingdom after hours to see happily ever after and ride the rides.
Day 6:
HS half day. If galaxys edge isn’t too crazy I might visit again. Indiana Jones and SDD FPs.
Disney springs evening.
Boathouse dinner.
The Void Star Wars VR experience.
Day 7:
Check out but hold bags at desk.
Epcot. FP living with the land, Soarin, Spaceship earth.
Food and wine lunch
Monseiur Paul dinner. (Might cancel)
Get bags and Uber to Universal to check into Sapphire Falls.
Day 8:
Relax. If it’s nice out, Volcano Bay.
Halloween horror nights VIP tour
Day 9:
Day 10:
Possible dinner at Bice
Day 11:
Pool day and afternoon flight home.

Any suggestions? Is Monseiur Paul worth the money or should I just do food and wine? I’ve heard mixed reviews but I love French food.
God I hope I didn’t plan my trip of a lifetime during a tropical storm/ week of rain.


Bring a ponch or a small 1 person umbrella. U could get rain… Usually afternoon, normally passes. U have a very relaxed schedule. U should do fine. Any showers will just help cool it off if anything. Just dress with “easy dry” clothes. I would love to do a solo trip to wdw and us. I hope u have a great time!

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Cant speak to Monseiur Paul, if u wanna, do it!

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Thanks! I just bought a packable one person umbrella today.

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Wow!! Thats one heck of a trip. Ive been contemplating a solo trip myself and would love to add 2 days at Uni as well. Not sure I could swing the cost though.

Right off the back on day #1 you’re eating at Boma for breakfast, Sanaa for Lunch and then Jiko for dinner. I dont think id be able to move the next day hahaha.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you for good weather. One of the reasons why Im contemplating Feb/Mar for my solo trip. Dont care much about water parks or pools if its just me.

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I went in February and had a great time. Only one rainy day and one sunny 80 degree pool day but great walking around weather in a light hoodie.
You’re right about the food! I’m going to TRY to control my portions but I want to try all these places and I have the dining plan for 2 days haha. I know I’m going to love them all.

Enjoy. DP makes it worth it then. Im looking forward to a more food oriented trip myself. Want to try all new experiences and the 3 @ AKL are all on my to do list. :slight_smile:

Wow! You have an amazing trip planned. Your dining choices are impressive–and there are a lot of them.

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Do F&W. Monseiur Paul’s is not what it used to be / worth the money.

Ok thanks. I suspected that and by that point I might be done spending a lot on food. I’d hate to be disappointed and it gives me more flexibility my last Disney night.

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I went to Monsieur Paul’s a couple of weeks ago. It was good but there are other restaurants I prefer.

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I think I have decided to go to Bull and Bear instead of Monsieur Paul. I still have my reservation to decide the night before but I will have time to leave Epcot, bus to the Waldorf for 6:00 and bus back and make the 10pm illuminations.

Where do you get the bus to the Waldorf?

Waldorf has a private Mears bus that goes between Epcot and Waldorf. They have a schedule on their website.

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Where do you get on it?

I don’t know. I have to call to find out. I’ve never been to Epcot. I’d assume it is where all the buses pick up and drop offs are and look for the signage.

I think the bus stops are only for Disney buses but I could be wrong?

I called. It’s in the same area as the Disney buses but they have their own private space. Platform #25 at Epcot.

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