My rope drops are going downhill

So saturday, I rope dropped IH 10 at 4am
Sunday, I rope dropped my van to get a heating pad for my wife who is experiencing some issues.
Monday (today), I rope dropped the ER with my wife for kidney stones. and dinner rope drop I found out the keep-refrigerated ravioli was in the pantry. and had Windsor Hills mgmt change out 14 light bulbs in my vrbo.
Tuesday (pending)…Not sure what to expect.

and thus my Florida vacation continues…Still 1st world problems. Got some crazy deals at he vineland character warehouse. Dude, I had to wait 25 minutes in line to get into the store.

FYI: yep, my healthcare is Texas only, so out of network but it is emergent so coverage is better. the stone is still there because laser machine travels in these here parts of Florida, but she does have a stent. So now to do the laser thing is elective and non-emergent in FL. Sigh…

Also, she should be released on 8/27. yeah!

have a great day everyone.


Sorry, but that’s not ‘first world problems’. Those are your problems and they sound serious. I hope your wife feels better soon. It sounds like you both could use some good news and a relaxing time on your vacation.


I know. I meant in tongue in cheek wrt to light bulbs burned out, choosing between healthcare in FL or TX. I did not mean to sound uncaring or dismissive.

Thanks for the your comments. So far today is holding steady :slight_smile:


I’m so sorry about your wife’s kidney stones. I hope she feels better today!

Hope your wife is better and gets out today.

You are taking this on the chin, ponchoing up and carrying on amigo! You can do this! Hope you get a Dole Whip as a reward at the end of all of this!!!

Hopefully I can afford a dole whip. Out of state insurance, looking at 16k bill just for the surgery. Disneyworld is looking cheaper.

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Everything is negotiable! Ask to pay some up front for a reduced payment later, etc. See if they will work with you to reduce the 16K!!

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I get testy over that phrase because it’s usually used to belittle the person complaining. While optimisim is important when you’re going through things, particularly health issues, I didn’t want you to feel bad about expressing them here.

You bet I did. I had an grandfathered BCBS plan high deduct. Always did that. I always look for the angle, deal, negotiated rate. Looks like i can get an out of network exception. Insurance, doc, and hospital are working to make that happen. So good coverage is likely available. We will see how this all plays out.

So for those curious: wife is still in hospital. surgery is thursday. I think everything will be covered since it is a single event. In that, I still have to pay, but limitations will be in place.

taking my kids (8 of them) to the beach tomorrow. So that should be promising. thinking :shark:-less thoughts :slight_smile:


8 kids, wow! Hope your wife’s surgery goes well.

those are the ones with me in FL right now. Got 2 more in college. Actually had 2 miscarriages and a 11 month old son that passed away in 2012.

I hope you all have a wonderful day at the beach. And for a good outcome for the surgery. All the best.

late rope drop to cocoa beach sans wife as she is still in hospital. surgey at 1050 local time. She’ll be out and Dorian might be in.


I hope the surgery goes well today and her recovery is swift! Not the vacation you were expecting, hey? I’m so sorry about the not-so-fun rope drops and hope the beach was good.

How did I not see this thread.
I’ll be praying for your wife today.
I’m so sorry she’s faced this medical issue so far from home and that it derailed what was supposed to be a family vacation - presumably with the expectation of making great memories, spending time together, and a last hurrah before school starts.

(I “only” have six kids on earth - three miscarriages. I have a few friends with 10+, including one who lost her 2 yo in 2006. Her mom lives in FL so they get some resident deals every few. Sorry. TMI?)

Vacations are an undertaking and it would be very disappointing to see it go so far south.

Enjoy the beach!!! :heart:


Based on Dorian tracking, just told kids cancelling 10 days at the World. back home. Headed Wife in surgery in 30 minutes. Tough day.


@wallacefam I’m so sad for you! So this hospitalization took place before you had started WDW? Like you had just-FL days pre-WDW?

Are your tickets useable at a later date?

I am so so sorry. I’m praying for your wife.

There is (painful - no doubt) a life-lesson and character building meaning to all of this for your kids. Praying your trip home is uneventful and filled with some joyful moments.

I’m so sorry.

I hope all goes well. At least you’re at home and not worrying in a hotel with your wife in the hospital.