My Room Request fax did not work at all

I just returned from a split stay (Pofq then Poly) and had a great trip. I had heard great things about the touring plans room requests fax and do not want to complain, just merely let people know not to count on it! At POFQ I had a standard room requested and just asked for a building close to the lobby/transportation. We were placed as far as could be (building on far right near the river but a parking lot view) so I was glad that the resort really is as small as I had heard. At the Poly I requested (1st or 3rd floor room near TTC) and first was assigned to a 2nd floor room on back side of Fiji. I had only booked a standard room (no upgrades were available at all to buy when I checked in) an asked to be moved to other side of resort and the only choice was a 2nd floor room in Roratonga (sp?) facing monorail so we moved to that room for the building location (which was great). On the POFQ stay I did not do online check-in but I did online check-in for Poly — However, I never got notice of a room being assigned so we had to still go to the front desk (at 5 pm) anyway so that did not speed things up. Again, not trying to complain, just letting folks know :slight_smile:

They are just requests. And the resorts are often pretty full, so sometimes they just won’t be able to fulfill everyone’s request.

Some resorts won’t really take much notice of them. (DVC resorts especially, they fairly regularly tell us to make requests to Member Services). And I guess the individual room assigners are free to read or discard them.