My rebooking story (April --> September/October)

We has two anytime tickets (1 park) from April 2018 when grandparents were unable to join us at the last minute

  • We bought two more tickets for the kids (12 yo counts as adult)
  • I booked a zero-ticket package for April 2020
  • Then the Gift of Magic promo came out. I called and they applied it
  • With C19 I booked a backup trip for Oct 2020

Today I called about the Free Dining deal and here is what they did

  • MOVED my April 2020 to Oct 2020
  • Cancelled my Oct 2020 backup
  • Added 4 tickets to the (now) Oct 2020 package (necessary to get the Free Dining)
  • Refunded my 4 previous tickets

Here is what it looks like:

Item April 2020 as originally booked April 2020 Gift of Magic Room Offer Oct 2020 as booked Oct 2020 free dining offer
Room + Dining Plan $7,796.41 $6,970.53 $6,695.91 $0.00
Room + DP + Tickets $0.00 $0.00 $7,265.00
Tickets 1 (2 adults) $841.36 $841.36 $841.36
Tickets 2 (1 adult 1 kid) $1,055.41 $1,055.41 $1,055.41
Total $9,693.18 $8,867.30 $8,592.68 $7,265.00
Savings ($825.88) ($274.62) ($1,327.68)

Complicated… but in the end it got simplified, and I saved money


Free Dining Deal info here: Free dining recovery deal

Nice savings! I thought the free dining deal was only through Sept 30?

I don’t think there are really rules or laws in the world right now. Just guidelines with varying degrees of flexibility.


This is exactly what I told my 4yo when she wanted to go on our evening walk without shoes a few days ago. In quarantine, everything goes. :joy:


on the phone, did they say anything about the deal only going until Sept 30?

Also curious how you got it for October— please share!

No no no!
Quarantine or no quarantine you should not go take a walk without shoes amiga!
Stepping on a slug/bug with bare feet is the yuckiest feeling in the world!!! Trust me.

I hate slugs!

If they are making exceptions, I wonder if they will do the same for November.

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Yeah, my “October” Trip starts actually in late September.

Sorry for any confusion


oooooohhhhhh. Ok that makes sense. :slight_smile: