My preliminary Touring Plans - what do you think?

Hi! First post here. I, my 9-yo daughter, and my upper-50s mother will be visiting in November 2015 - arriving on Thanksgiving Day. We will get in that afternoon, and just hang out at the resort or head to Downtown Disney that evening. Wondering how my plans look for the rest of the days. I tried not to pack a lot of things in, as we tend to get stressed if too rushed. I’m thinking there seems to be a lot of downtime where we can just wander, shop, or do other rides within the parks as we wish. The only ADR I really want to get is the Fantasmic Dining package, otherwise we’ll just snack/do quick-service in the parks.
Any suggestions would be very much appreciated! Thank you!

Friday (MK) -
Saturday (AK) -
Sunday (EP) -
Monday (HS) -

You MUST do the Lion king in Ak its the best show ever And put the other rides in for AK also or conservation station Add things like Animation Academy to Hs and if you are considering other rides or shows put them into the plan to give you an idea of wait times. A TP doesn’t need to be followed exactly but can be used as a guide/ list and put in the bin if you get stressed.

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Thanks - I think I will add those things back into AK - we’re doing a half there and then leaving the resort in the afternoon, but I know we were considering other rides/shows there. Thanks for the input!

Okay first please know that you are going at one of the busiest times of the year. I expect the times for the wait will only increase as you get closer to your trip. I have never been during that time of year, but I do expect it will be packed. @pirategirl007 do you have advice to share here, I know you are so totally Disney savy?

Fast passes will need to be made 60 days out is staying on the resort/30 days out for off property.

Do get fast passes for Anna & Elsa if you can, Peter Pan is a must. You MK plan is fairly laid back, you may want to do splash mountain which is right next door to Big thunder mountain railroad

Your animal kingdom day looks very laid back and will give you plenty of resort time.

Epcot - do not do spaceship earth first go right to soaring in fact get fast passes for soaring so you can maybe do it twice, you can also fast pass spaceship earth and character spot. But I will let other answer your epcot plans more, as I am not as savy with epcot, but I think this is your weakest plan with little time for the various countries.

I am assuming you are sleeping in on you holly studios day. Really please make sure to get fast passes for Toy Story the line will be huge. As you mentioned the Fantasmic Dining, you are just days away from being able to book it, make sure you do so at your 180 mark, they packages will probably go fast.

You may want to think about the order in which you are doing the parks. If you only have 4 days and doing one park a day, you may want to save Magic Kingdom for last. Or if you do magic Kingdom first you may wish to drop a park so you may go back to the magic kingdom.

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RE: the busiest time. Unfortunately due to our schedule this year, busy time it is! I’ve worried about it a lot in the past, but for now I’m just going to approach it with a positive attitude and hang on tight :slight_smile: It’s our first visit, so I won’t be able to compare it to slower times. If we get to go back in the future at a slower time, that will seem even better!
I’m planning on getting Fastpasses for as many as I can.
Yes - sleeping in on HS day.
RE: Magic Kingdom - my thinking in doing it the first full day is that our energy will be high, and we’ll be able to really attack that day. It is a good idea to maybe skip one of the other parks (probably Animal Kingdom) if we decide we’d like more time at MK.
Fantasmic Dining - crossing my fingers that I can get an ADR this weekend.
Thanks for your advice!