My Plans.. thoughts
My arrival day plan. Do you think I should use a fpp on the FoF parade? or just find a spot when we arrive at the park?
I originally had us getting to the park ASAP but I got an 7:05pm Cape May adr, and figured let everyone unwind from our 6am(land at 830 I think) for a little bit, and that way everyone will be able to make it till dinner. I am going to post my plans here, feel free to comment or give me ideas but please let me know what plan you’re referring to. Thanks guys!1

nice and relaxed @chilepeppr4!! I approve it!
I wouldn’t pick up a FoF FPP, at 41 minutes before you’re sure to pick up a nice spot somewhere along the route! I recommend the stone flowerbeds near haunted mansion and liberty square.
I’d use that FPP for Ariel maybe?

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I must say I loved my FoF FP on my last trip! The FP time I think was 2:35-3:05. I did get there around 2:30. The spots that looked directly down Main Street were already gone. That being said, there were plenty of great spots! Every single person that had a FP ( even those that showed up at 3:05), had a spot at the rope. I have watched the parade many times from many different locations, this was a great location. We all could have sat at the curb if we wanted to.

The FoF FP area is currently in Town Square. By the time the parade is over with the crowds exiting the park, I think it will throw the rest of your plan off.

Do you think it’d be better to use the FPP to meet Ariel rather than for UTS?

UTS is quite often a walk on. Even when it says 30 minutes it usually is under 20. It is a continuous loading attraction.

I thought the fpp was near the castle? Or is that just fireworks…

Wishes FPs are located in the new hub area. FoF area has been Town Square.

@PrincipalTinker when you say the FPP time is 2:35-3:05, is that the only option you are given? and my next FPP will be able to be made for 335, or earlier?
I was thinking of possible watching the parade then maybe evening hoping on the Railroad and riding over to FantasyLand station to avoid the crowd.

@quiche I was planning on using the 41 min wait, as a buffer also, potty, snack, check out main street a bit… not waiting the entire time. Thoughts?
just a few changes, switched FPP to ariel M&G and added in a ride on the train to fantasy from main st. am I cutting it to close with those changes to make it to a 7:05pm dinner at Cape May?

The parade did not get to the area until around 3:20 or so. When I had a Wishes FP I was able to book a 7DMT FP for 10:30, so I think you should have no problem booking a 3:30 start time. I think with the crowds I would make sure I had until at least 3:45 to get anywhere for my next attraction.

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You should have no problem making it to Cape May with those changes. I assume you will just take the BC bus from MK? If it is backed up, jump on the BW bus and walk.

Here are my MK plans… @PrincipalTinker @mjsmomma @quicha

These plus arrival day, plus MNSSHP, AND my 9/29 plan which isn’t fully delveoped but is my CRT 9:35ambreakfast day of M&Gs, and BOG dinner 5:35pm… I think I have MK pretty much covered

Things not in plan are… Stitch, Monsters, Hall of Presidents, County Bear, Enchanted Tiki… are these things I should make room for? thoughts on them??

Can I ask, you do not want to see celebrate the magic or Wishes? The parade is at 8:00? I do not believe the people mover wait time, but it looks like it would all even out.

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good catch!! I didn’t even think of that! Maybe because I have been concetraing on seeing Hallowishes so much I forgot about the regular one…hmmm…where to squeeze that in. I am also contemplating trying to switch my Cape May with a Crystal Palace…I know food wise it wont add up, but maybe staying in the park the first time and having a nice sit down will be able to keep us going till Wishes that night…but I haven’t had luck getting an early CP that day.

I would definitely stay in the park that first day for dinner b/c then you could watch CTM and wishes. Keep watching for a dinner ADR. I also don’t really know that you will need that fpp for FOF parade. It seems like you are getting there early enough to get a decent spot. You could save the fpp for a ride. It all looks good otherwise though!

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