My planner self is kinda freaking out

I am pretty much T-48 hours before departure. I haven’t packed a single thing. I haven’t even brought out the suitcase (actually i think DH is doing that right now). There is very little planning i can do, really. We’re not planning on ILL or G+. We’re staying offsite, so no early entry. Our only “plans” are park open to park close with some ADRs sprinkled in.

And i’m mostly okay with it EXCEPT i really want to see the night time shows and i NEED a plan for those. Two plans, really. One for if we decide to scope out a spot ahead of a time, and one if we’re last minute additions. I need a plan that will not put me shoulder to shoulder and chest to back with hundreds of other people. I"m okay to be around a lot of people, i just want to be able to have some breathing room.

An easy exit isn’t super important. We don’t mind taking our time strolling through an emptying park instead of standing in a long line waiting for a bus. I’m guessing that seeing the main street projections requires being in a pulsing throng of people, so i’m not super attached to the idea of seeing those, but it would be nice to at least have some view of the castle projections- doesn’t have to be spot on. Similar situation with Harmonious. I’d like to see most things, but don’t have to see all things.

I just know that if i have no idea where to go, we’re going to end up some place miserable. Can i solicit some suggestions on a plan A and a plan B for Harmonious and Enchantment? Please and thank you so much!

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I’ve watched Harmonious twice. Once between the theater and Japan if that makes sense. It’s a straight on view of star gate and tacos. Not super crowded but definitely people around us. Second time from just off to the side of Rose and Crown. No stargate but good view of tacos. Less crowded too. Probably similar view to bridge between UK and France. Would recommend either of those locations.

Enchantment was shoulder to shoulder. Maybe the sacred space? Although not sure you would see any projections from there.


You would not. It’s great for the music and the fireworks but not the projections.

Train station? Is that an option still/anymore?


Good news on harmonious!
…not so good news on Enchantment :tired_face:

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I’m of the same thinking. Is it worth it to even be in the park? I’m thinking maybe People Mover or just watch from bridge at CR/BLT or monorail to Poly beach?

Outside of 2015 when we saw the second castle projection show at WDW (after FWs) I have not figured out how to enjoy being in the park for a nighttime show. We loved the castle projections that night but were seated directly in front of the castle after the hoards of squatters vacated after the first show followed by FWs. It was magical.

Since then…I’ve experienced only insane masses of crowds that was more stress inducing than any show was possibly worth !

It’s totally subjective, but for my next trip - other than F!, I’m not doubling down on Harmonious or Enchantment… under the Fool me once premise.

I’ve made peace with forgoing projections and won’t let that FOMO instinct that is so prevalent in a WDW vacay to convince me otherwise. Plan is to watch at a distance. I only hope I can stick to the plan…

Good luck!

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Thank you! I have considered just riding rides during the show… BTMRR, Peoplemover… any other suggestions?

I always do this for fireworks. U dont get the full impact but get some nice views. Also hang out when u hop off to finish watching whats left. If you dont mind a far off view, exit the park and go to the boat launches. Not perfect, but u get to see them (of go to geyser point and get a view). At Epcot, I always just stood on a curb, lol.

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Ride suggestion, havent tried, Tomorrow Speedway.

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My friend snagged a great spot near Casey’s Corner for DE last month.

I’d go to American Adventure pavilion concrete benches for Harmonious.


Thank you!

Wondering about this though - wouldn’t that be shoulder-to-shoulder?

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I’m not following where you understood me to say not to even be in the park?

My thought too. I’m leaning toward the MK sacred spaces or riding rides

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