My plan for MK Day.. Will it work as planned?

Just wonder if my plan for MK will work. Your input is welcomed.

  • Going second week of August.
  • MK open at 8am.
  • Breakfast at BOG at 8:30am ( I know… But if I choose to eat at resort, my family will never get to MK close to 10 am. I have DDP so cost does not matter.)
  • Ride my 3 FP+ rides between 9am-1pm
  • Ride rides that I can get SDFP+ and rides that usually have short wait time (Philharmonic, Carousel of Progress, Hall of President, Tiki Room, Country Bear Jamboree, Monster Inc Laugh Floor. etc)
  • Leave park at 3pm to go to POLY for my 3:50pm ADR at Ohana…

My goal is not to ride everything single ride. Just want to have fun with my family.

Will my plan work?? TIA!

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Sure it will. If you’re not trying to squeeze everything in then you’ll be fine, especially since you’ll be able to do at least one or two of the shorter lines in between FPs. It’s not as though you’re going to do nothing but those three things in 3 hours.

My only issue with this would be the timing of the Ohana meal… with breakfast at 8:30 you’re probably going to get hungry sometime in the early afternoon, but it will be too late to eat and still be hungry for a full meal at 3:50. If anyone in your group has a tendency to get hangry then you might consider pushing the Ohana back to something closer to 5:30.

Nikki, thank you for your feedback. As for your suggestion about getting hungry in early afternoon, I forgot to mention that I plan to have snacks here and there with my kids while in the park. I am sure the waffle at SleepHallow will keep us satisfied until we get to Ohana.

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A waffle is perfect!

I have this problem getting my family out of the resort too! :slight_smile: I hope my RD plans don’t bust this year!

Sounds good. Just leave plenty of time to get out to get to Ohana since I believe the parade starts at 3 and can jam up walkway traffic.

Certainly not the approach I would take, but I see no objective reason why it wouldn’t work. But I agree that MS between 2 and 3 will be very crowded and it will take some extra time to get to the exit (but whatever you do, DON’T wait until the parade is over)…

Thank you all for the suggestions!!!