My Personalized Touring Plan has a major glitch

Hi- I’m experiencing some very wierd things on my personalized touring plan for DCA. This is my first touring plan for Disneyland Resort… although I’ve done many for Disney World. But, this one is giving me strange results: 451 minute wait at the very first ride of the day; 141 minute wait for it’s tough to be a bug; and the last 10 steps with “N/A” listed. I have tried eliminating steps to see if there are just too many rides in my plan, but even eliminating half of the rides give me the same results… This just doesn’t seem to be working properly.

Thanks- Scott

Hi! I am unable to view your plan, make sure you check the “publish this plan” under the edit options. Then we can help you figure it out when you repost the link.

Ash. Sorry about that.

Looks like a programming bug. email webmaster It could be that Dec data is not uploaded yet ? Looks like a 24 hr day

Mine is doing that too. I am creating a plan for peak period after Christmas but still!

Looks like we haven’t updated some data models with the 8 am opening time. I’ll alert the developers and stats guys. Thanks!

Len- thanks! the webmaster told me that it probably was because I used single riders in my plan- and those weren’t in the system. I removed them- and it got equally strange results. They seem to be at a loss, so maybe you’ve solved it!

Any news on this Len? My touring plan still isn’t working. Thanks-I appreciate you jumping into this discussion!

I’ll ping the stats guys again. I’m 99% sure we need to re-run the forecasts for this date. Sorry for the delay.