My personalized and optimized plan seems very unomptimized

I just tried to create my first personal plan. I put in all of the information including the attractions that I wanted to see. The plan came back with very, very unexpected results. Suggesting I visit SDMT eighth on the list??? It also has me running all over the park in no kind of organized fashion. What have I done wrong here? In addition…it doesn’t appear to give me the option to ‘optimize’ again after making any changes.

This is my first experience with the Touring plans site and it’s so far not leaving a great impression with me…

The touring plan optimises to give the shortest overall wait time - so it might mean that if you went on SDMT first then the overall wait times for the 7 attractions that it is currently putting before it would increase more than the wait time lost on 7DMT.
As for running everywhere, set the slider to minimise walking to reduce this. People also recommend splitting the park and making separate touring plans to do half of the park in the morning and the other half in the afternoon.

I can’t help with the problem of it not letting you optimise after changes, but email and they will be able to help you.

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@nicola2n Using Optimize will overhaul any drag/drop changes that you make, as it will re-optimize EVERYTHING. If you make any changes, then use the Evaluate button, which will update the wait times based on the order that you’ve given it. At this point, there is not an option to lock any attractions to a certain time and optimize around them (which I would LOVE).

At the top there is an option to change walking v’s waiting times so you can minimise walking but that might increase wait times. The 7 dwarfs has a long line all day unless you are at the very very front at park opening. The maths behind the tp programme is to minimise you time waiting in lines and maximise the number of rides you complete within a given period.

Eg at park opening if you go to 7 dwarfs you will wait 60 mins. At 11 am you will still wait 60 mins. However at park opening you could ride Space Buzz peter pan and dumbo within the first hour that gives you 4 rides in 60 mins.

You can optimise then make changes using the evaluate button this fixes rides in place but keep an eye on the figures at the bottom which give you times in line and walking times.