My Perfectly Planned Trip, plus the Unexpected

I’d have to probz go solo as DH would revolt going back so soon.


Nnnnnot getting the problem here? :smiley:




I love Yak and Yeti.


Looks delicious, I might have to try that.


That looks delicious! The garlic noodles would probably kill my husband, but I may have to try it mysel on our March trip. It will be our first time at Yak and Yeti.

It has been great following along on your trip. It sounds like you had an awesome time!


I can’t wait to go solo in Feb!!!


Family dropped at SW, rental car returned, I’m thru security and waiting for my flight.

Top reflections

  1. I’m so glad I did this. I got to know my nephews and DSiL better, had time with both DS29 and DSiS
  2. It really does matter to give children Disney World, not just because of how I saw my nephews experiencing it, but because of I how saw my son remembering and connecting to the times he has been there over the years. I got to see how the memories are there and matter. I hope this week does that for my nephews
  3. I couldn’t and wouldn’t have done this without DVC. I know it cost in the up front expense and annual dues/taxes, but I cannot imagine paying the real current dollar cost for a 2 bedroom deluxe villa for a week for something like this.
  4. i have renewed and deepened respect for parents with littles at WDW, and I vow to be patient, helpful, understanding, tolerant, and friendly!!!
  5. Not every CM is perfect, not every Disney operation is flawless, not every single thing is Magical. But if the World average could be ranked at the 50th percentile, Disney is above the 95th percentile. We all dread leaving the Bubble, but I think its not just the castles, stories, characters, fireworks, and pixie dust. Its so wonderful to be in a bubble of smiles, problem solving, thoughtfulness, and retreat from so much intolerance and unkindness outside the bubble. It would be nice to expand the Bubble, and I’m not giving up hope, but meanwhile, its nice to have it there.

Thanks for following along, and for all the advice, sharing, and friendly insights that helped me plan and execute this!




thanks for taking us along on your journey. I’ve loved every minute of it. as odd as this sounds, I’m more sad to see this end than my own trip to world just over a month ago.


Thanks so much for letting us follow along. I love going to Disney with DW and solo but nothing beats being able to see it thru a child’s eye.


What a PERFECT shot!


And THAT is why we do it.

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Super good for folks staying at Poly, too. Take the bus to TTC and walk to poly from there!

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Good to know. Maybe I’ll give it another go in the next trip or two.


NEVER smile at a crocodile!

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I was trying to figure out how to work this in as well! Did you sit at the bar??

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Yes, couldn’t wait for a table and make EE FPP and MCO run!


Well-said. Though most of us come for the planning tips/tricks, we stay because this community of Liners is our way to extend the bubble into our everyday lives. I’m so glad to be able to come to this Happy Place everyday, and even happier to have met many of you IRL too! You all remind me that there is hope for this world yet!


@terp05, I think you nailed it – for me, this forum is even more of a bubble than WDW.

But this is lovely. And I’m glad you all had such a wonderful trip. It was so fun to read along, thank you for sharing your trip and all the photos and heartwarming moments.