My park bag: the obsession continues

You’d think this was my first trip to WDW. Or that I’d learned nothing in the previous eight trips.

During my last trip I bought a Tiki Room Loungefly backpack. Not super-comfortable, but it looked great and worked well.

But then I saw this in an antique shop called Stuff We Know Matthew Won’t Be Able To Resist:

I’m fairly sure (work with me here) that it’s a washbag from Buckingham Palace. It’s pretty big. An iPhone 13 Pro Max can stand upright in it.

I figured that a backpack during the summer in Orlando wouldn’t be fun. So this was an essential purchase. (I’ve used a Superdry washbag a number of times in the parks, but this is way cooler and slightly bigger.)

With my trip less than three weeks away, I’ve started packing and I’ve been trialling the new bag. I may have put too much stuff in it. It’s kinda heavy.

Lightweight Columbia jacket that I use as a poncho
Spare socks
Mini umbrella (never taken one before)
Glasses case with indoor glasses
Spare mask and mask chain
Hand sanitizer
Tablet box with various pills
MagSafe battery for my iPhone
Mini fan
Small power bank and two short cables
Glasses cord and spare
Nose plugs (for Volcano Bay drop rides)

Too much? Am I missing something? (Sanity?)


Love the bag!

A couple thoughts.

Do you need jacket/poncho and umbrella? (Im local though so if rain is so bad I need both I just go home)

Do you need MagSafe charger and power brick? If you break during the day couldn’t you charge phone and charger so you won’t need to carry the brick in park?

I carry just about the same things but also a hydro flask. Do you carry water or just get free cups in park?

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I’m thinking about the number of things you’ll need to take out of the bag to get through the metal detectors without setting them off and it seems like a lot - umbrella, glasses case, phone battery, power bank, and maybe the fan. I think you’ve gone overboard. I would dump the power bank (although I’m not clear on the difference between a MagSafe battery and a power bank), the fan, and the umbrella at least.


Hmm. I’m not a puncho-up and power through kind of a guy. If it rains, I find somewhere to hide. So the jacket is to get me there (though it’s water-resistant rather than watwrproof). I also use the jacket for wet-rides. But it will be the summer. Maybe an umbrella is all that will be required. (But I always wear a wide-brimmed hat. Why I need an umbrella at all?)

Not really. Though the power brick is really small. You could fit two of them into a packet of cigarettes.

Water is really heavy, so I never carry it around.

I was kinda looking round the house thinking “Ooh! That might be useful.” Also, I was talked into buying the umbrella by a friend and I’ve never used it. It was slightly expensive so I feel bad about buying it.

But if I take too much stuff out then the bag will be too big!

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Order them by weight (heaviest to lightest) and then evaluate the heaviest objects one at a time to determine whether you need them.

Umbrellas are good for staying out of the sun as well as rain.

I would never bring a jacket of any kind, especially if it’s not waterproof.

Socks? What are these things you speak of???


Then you have room for souvenirs.


I had great success wearing Crocs (yes, you heard me right) last October, but I need socks with them to make sure they don’t rub. If I’m caught in rain, I figured a spare pair would come in handy.

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I mean, I do have Tigger. He needs to go somewhere.


Strange but true: I’m not really a snacks kind of a guy. I’m more your Frappuccino / Dole Whip / Blue Milk / Butterbeer kind of a guy.


I mean, I know this has happened… I read about it at the time.

But I am continually taken aback by this sentence…

No worries, I am working on it with my therapist…


When will you be there?

In less than three week’s time. Do keep up.*

*For the avoidance of doubt: I’m being hilarious.


This is a math-based approach. I like it. I’m going to try it. A spreadsheet might get involved.


Well, you do you. I hate to wear socks with a hate kindred to the intensity of the heat of the sun. Especially in summer.

The thing is: It’s really comfortable. And practical. Sure, it probably looks awful. But I’m in a foreign country. I don’t care what you people think. You’re all foreigners.


How do you feel about blisters?


Are your dates a secret?
Mine are not.
I’ll be there 6/23-6/27.


I don’t wear shoes that give me blisters. That’s why my shoes look tatty; once I find a pair that are comfortable, I wear them until they fall apart. I have weird feet, so it’s hard to find ones that work.


How can you be? You’ve only just left.

Why do people always leave the day I arrive, or arrive the day I leave?