My own spreadsheet... also, we're leaving FRIDAY!

I was so jealous of @Randall1028’s spreadsheet that I had to make one of my own. I don’t know that it’s as pretty as his, but it’ll have to do.

Just a couple of things I’m nervous about, at this point.

  1. It’s supposed to rain on Sunday morning. Sounds like MK isn’t too bad in the rain, but rainy and cool? Ugh. Maybe I should move my BTMM FP to something in the afternoon. Thoughts?
  2. Do I drop The Edison on Wed and just eat QS? I think we might be food-ed out and enjoy snacking at DS. Has anyone eaten there? How is it?


I don’t have any particular advice, but just to say our departure days look very similar, I’m curious what people say about the Edison. I also wonder if Jock Lindsey’s might be fun for our family. We haven’t been to either yet and it seems like a fun way to end a trip.

Isn’t btmrr one of the few that shut down during rain? If so I’d say leave it and if it rains (which… I doubt) it’ll turn into an anytime fpp.

I’ve eaten at the Edison and it is delicious… but also heavy. If you are fooded out by then, I’d say bump it to later and cancel it. Otherwise, steady as she goes…(sorry. Too much time on the boats this morning)

Oh and full disclosure, I’m pretty sure I stole my spreadsheet layout from @JJT. Cause he’s the sheet master round these parts! :smile:


Good idea! I DO have BTMR scheduled later in the day, too, but we missed it last trip, so I’m really looking forward to riding it this next week.
How does an anytime FP work? Do we have to go scan in to get it to convert?

No it’s automatic. If you get one, be very careful not to use the grace period of any others because it will use your anytime.